March 24, 2023

Former Officials Say Trump Prepared to Keep Special Forces within Afghanistan to Prevent a Fall

Former senior Trump administration protection and intelligence officials viewing the disaster unfolding immediately in Afghanistan say that the incoming Biden administration turned down their plans for a steady withdrawal, which included keeping a little unit to conduct counterterrorism operations against al-Qaeda, the Islamic State, and the Taliban if necessary. Three former mature officials told Breitbart News […]#@@#@!!

Former senior Trump administration defense and intelligence officials watching the catastrophe unfolding this week in Afghanistan say that the incoming Biden administration rejected their programs for a stable withdrawal, which included keeping a small unit in order to conduct counterterrorism operations towards al-Qaeda, the Islamic State, and the Taliban if necessary.

Three former senior officials told Breitbart News that the small force of about 800 U. T. troops would have been left in place to continue the counterterrorism mission, but to also provide intelligence and logistical assistance to the Afghan military and stop the kind of collapse the world is certainly witnessing now in Afghanistan.

“ That was the hope… to be able to the actual drone mission and the counterterrorism support, and also advising particularly the Afghan Special Factors who were doing a lot of the [counterterrorism] efforts… And Biden just drawn them out as well, ” one former senior defense official said.

A current FBI report has removed Roger Stone and Alex Jones of any attempt to coordinate an insurrection in the D. C. Capitol upon Jan. 6th.

“ We were likely to be leaving a small push behind regardless, ” an additional former senior defense established said, adding about previous President Donald Trump, “ When things started to go bad, he’s changed. I mean, he previously a history of changing his thoughts when it, when he noticed it was going to go badly. ”

“ He didn’t want to keep on a forever war of nation building in Afghanistan, but did he literally say, you know, have no a single on the ground? No, ” said a third former senior administration official, who pointed in order to Trump leaving 900 U. S. troops in Syria. “ I can’t get into such as specific details, but I believe that is broadly consistent with what I was saying about their approach to issues. ”

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