‘They Can’t Arrest Us All! ’: Horse-Mounted Protesters Steal the particular Show at Australian Anti-Lockdown Rally

Epic scene reminded demonstrators of freedom jet fighter William Wallace portrayed by Mel Gibson in ‘Braveheart. ‘

Mounted police officers are commonly used at rallies around the globe, but mounted protesters seem to be an Australian development as a man was filmed encouraging people to break Covid-19 rules from the back of a white horse.

The epic picture was filmed in Tweed Heads on the border in between Queensland and New South Wales (NSW), where around a thousand individuals gathered on Sunday to decry the ban upon crossing state lines, introduced to stem the spread of the coronavirus.

A man galloped on a white horse among the demonstrators, whilst delivering a sort of a passionate pre-battle speech.

“ Cross over! Everyone proceed across the border! Cross over! They can’t arrest us all, ”   the rider shouted, prompting applause and regards from his fellow protesters.

Some people on the web found the video impressive at least funny, while others pointed out that using the horse into a masses where there were kids was quite a dangerous thing to do.

The mounted protester also reminded commentators associated with 13th century Scottish independence hero, William Wallace, who was portrayed by Aussie professional, Mel Gibson, in the Oscar-winning movie ‘ Braveheart’.

Wallace was fighting for independence, and people who took part in the rally insisted that they were doing the very same thing. The closure of the border along with New South Wales, which remains the worst-hit state by the Delta variant, and other Covid-19 limitations are   “ a direct attack on our freedom of liberty, freedom to move, ”   one of them  told   ABC Information. Such measures will  “ break up of the Earth of Australia”   and signal  “ the end of democracy as you may know it, ”   he warned.

However , the horseman’s phone calls were unable to inspire the folks to storm the boundary after all. The rally in Tweed Heads concluded peacefully, unlike a much larger demo in Melbourne on Saturday, which was marred by clashes with police and over 200 arrests.

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