August 19, 2022

Emergency! Deep State Targets Owen Shroyer — Help All of us Fight Back

Please help Infowars ensure Owen has the best legal protection team possible to earn this fight.

Owen Shroyer, a syndicated talk show host and reporter, has been issued an arrest bring about for alleged activities upon January 6th, 2021.

The activity documented in the warrant? Standing on the steps outside the Capitol peacefully, while his news team was attempting to quit any potential violence.

Owen wants to mount a strong defense towards these charges that have stunned many legal experts in their emptiness, and disheartened numerous lovers of free speech. This will not be a cheap defense, and may go on for a long time.

Help make certain Owen has the best lawful defense team possible in order to win this fight by donating to his Legal Protection Fund . Every funds go directly plus exclusively towards Owen’s a lawyer and fees.

Attorney Norm Pattis released a statement in conjunction with Shroyer’s legal defense fund:

“ This prosecution is a frontal assault around the First Amendment. We plan to fight it as though the rights of every American to speak out, assemble and petition for redress associated with grievances are at stake because, in fact , those rights have been in jeopardy. ”

Standing on steps near Capitol while trying to stop the particular mob from storming house now considered a crime ?

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