March 30, 2023

‘Liberté’: Thousands Take to the Streets in Paris to Once Again Decry Covid-19 Passport

Restaurants, theaters, and shopping malls already begun enforcing draconian QR code program.

Thousands of people have marched in the center of the French capital for the 6th consecutive weekend to denounce the so-called coronavirus health pass that they see being an infringement of the rights associated with unvaccinated citizens.

The rallies started in mid-July after Emmanuel Macron’s government introduced a process that made presenting the vaccination certificate or bad Covid-19 test obligatory for all those willing to visit a restaurant, movie theater, cinema and shopping mall or travel on a long-distance teach.

The regulators insist that the QR codes are needed to encourage individuals to get the jabs and avoid your fourth lockdown in the country, which noticed some 6. 6 million getting infected and more than 113, 000 dying due to the coronavirus.

More than 55% of the French human population have been already fully vaccinated against Covid-19. But people who haven’t got the photo yet or are not intending to at all, claim that the health complete diminishes their rights and turns them into second-class citizens.  

About 14, 700 opponents from the measure again protested within Paris on Saturday. The particular figure came from the police, however the organizers have accused police force of deliberately downplaying the particular attendance at previous events.

Demonstrators had been beating drums, carrying ads with the word “ Liberté ” (liberty) and chanting:   “ Macron! We don’t want your own pass! ”

The protest, which united groups along with right- and left-wing views, went off without any severe incidents.

Rallies against the QR codes also took place in Montpellier, Strasbourg, Bordeaux and elsewhere across France. There were some 220 demonstrations in various locations upon Saturday, which were attended simply by 175, 000 people, the authorities said.

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