March 25, 2023

Videos: Biden And Harris GIGGLE At Reporters Asking Regarding Afghanistan Mess

What’s so amusing?

Both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were caught on camera Sunday laughing at reporters who asked uncomfortable questions about the debacle in Afghanistan, prompting critics in order to ask, what is in any way humorous about the situation?

Harris, who was AWOL for days after the fall of Kabul to the Taliban, is currently in South Asia and was asked by reporters at an airport what the scenario is with getting Americans out of Afghanistan.

The particular Vice president burst into laughter again:

Meanwhile, Biden laughed when asked to reply to a CBS News poll that found most Americans do not believe he is “ competent, focused or effective” after the disastrous Afghanistan drawback.

A separate Rasmussen poll found that most Americans consider Kamala Harris ‘ not qualified’ or ‘ not at all qualified’ to run the nation:

The actual hell are these clowns laughing about?

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