Watch: UK Covid Vaccine Protestors Storm TV Studio Head office

‘They’re coming for our children, ‘ one particular protester was heard shouting.

Over 200 active supporters and workers stormed the ITV News and Channel 4 News broadcasting headquarters in London apparently protesting vaccine passports plus mandatory vaccines for kids.

The chaotic incident happened Monday, with protesters filling up the lobbies of the network channels and angrily demanding for his or her voices to be heard.

“ They’re coming for our children, ” one protester was heard yelling.

At one point, protesters spotted veteran Channel 4 newscaster Jon Snow and berated him for not “ speaking up for the children. ”

“ Jon it’s a real pity you didn’t speak up for the children when you could have, ” a protester told your pet.

British activist Piers Corbyn also joined up with the protest, wearing a shirt reading “ Resist! Escape! Do Not! Comply! Let the UK Live! ” and holding a sign stating “ No ‘ Climate’ Lockdowns. ”

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According to the Daily Mail , the group’s ringleader Pat Wilson had a listing of demands which included, “ The weekly live debate with two representatives aired upon mainstream networks discussing every aspects of the novel coronavirus, ” and “ A weekly list on air with updates from the yellow card reporting scheme. ”

In response, ITN released a statement declaring the protesters “ abused” their reporters.

“ News organisations have got provided a vital source of information during the pandemic, ” a good ITN spokesperson said.

“ The misuse of journalists because of their reporting on coronavirus is a stressing development which ITN continues to be closely monitoring and positively ensuring staff are aware of safety measures to avoid coming to any harm.

“ This action resulted in journalists being avoided from being able to go about their newsgathering activities, something that ITN strongly condemns. ”

After leaving the television studios, the protesters likely to Google headquarters in London.

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