March 30, 2023

Denmark Says It Will Remove Many COVID-19 Restrictions, Including Vaccine Passports

“The epidemic is under control, we have record vaccination ranges, ” said Danish Wellness Minister.

Denmark  will certainly lift all its remaining  COVID-19  restrictions, including shot passports, on Sept. ten after the country’s health ministry declared the  CCP virus   “ no longer a critical threat in order to society. ”

“ The pandemic is under control, we have report vaccination levels, ” Danish Health Minister Magnus Heunicke said in a  statement   upon Friday, according to a interpretation. “ That is why we can drop the special rules we had to introduce in the fight against COVID-19. ”

However ,   Heunicke declared that despite Denmark being in a “ good place” right now, the government would “ move quickly if the pandemic once again threatens the essential functioning of community. ”

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