Reporter Hospitalized After Pfizer Jab Caused Heart Inflammation Still Urges Australians to Get Vaccinated

7News reporter Denham Hitchcock Phone calls on gov. to ‘keep promise’ and open edges following vaccine injury.

An Australian media reporter hospitalized after suffering a case of heart inflammation following a Pfizer Covid-19 injection still went on to promote the vaccine.

Inside a social media post , 7News investigative journalist Denham Hitchcock documented just how his heart behaved unusually about two weeks after the jab.

The experienced news reporter was adamant that despite his story, which reflects negatively on the Covid vaccine, he’s not one of those loony “ anti-vaxxers, ” but said he sees no way around most people getting jabbed in order to lift the perpetual lockdown.

“ Disclaimer first – I’m NOT anti vax. But I’m really not pro vax either. I am pro choice – plus pro information to make that choice, ” Hitchcock described, adding, “ above all I am just PRO opening the weakling country up and to do this I don’t see any way around getting the majority of Australia vaccinated. ”

According to Hitchcock, the health complications started almost two weeks right after his first jab.

“ The first 7 days was like any vaccine. Sensation off. But nearing the conclusion of the second week the heart started to race, I used to be getting pins and needles in the arms, extreme fatigue and a very strange sensation of dizziness. ”

When adverse reactions persisted into a third week, Hitchcock knew something was upward.

“ Right at the end of the third week i was getting steadily worse – sharp chest pain – frosty shivers and chills – and the dizziness was intensive, ” he wrote.

After 25 times, he finally went to the hospital where doctors diagnosed him with having heart inflammation, or pericarditis.

“ 25 days after the shot and probably just a little late to hospital – but here I am – diagnosed with pericarditis – or even inflammation of the heart because of the Pfizer vaccine, ” Hitchcock wrote.

Hitchcock says he spoke along with physicians in other hospitals exactly who related having similar experiences with patients, saying, “ One hospital has had more than a dozen cases like me. ”

Despite the horrible experience with the vaccine, the deluded reporter went on to inform Australians they should consider the AstraZeneca shot rather than Pfizer, although that shot has been blamed designed for causing deadly blood clots .

“ In the current vaccine craze, no one is talking about yet it’s clearly happening – and if you want the shot and have any heart history it would be worth talking to your GP about your vaccine choice, especially as AZ is readily available and does not get this side effect. ”

The icing on the cake is Hitchcock actually believes the Australian government, among the most callously authoritarian in terms of Covid enforcement , could keep its guarantee to ease travel restrictions.

“ If you don’t want the vaccine – i don’t have a problem with that either – but life plus travel will get difficult for you personally. The only thing for me that’s lifeless certain – if they may open Australia up when we reach their milestone associated with 70% – then you will see a lot more people marching on the street. You want the trust? Keep your damn promise. ”

The news comes as the US Food and Drug Administration given full acceptance of the Pfizer-BioNTech mRNA injection earlier immediately.

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