March 24, 2023

Denmark To Scrap All Covid-19 Restrictions

‘The epidemic is under control, we now have record high vaccination rates, ‘ says country’s health minister in a statement.

Denmark can on September 10th end classifying Covid-19 as an “ illness which is a critical danger to society”, meaning most of remaining special pandemic limitations will expire,   The Local  reported. In a  press release   issued upon Friday morning, the state’s health minister Magnus Heunicke said that the high level of vaccination in Denmark, particularly one of the vulnerable, had radically modified the risks posed by the trojan.

“ The epidemic is in check, we have record high vaccination rates, ” he stated in a statement. “ Because of this, on September 10th, we are able to drop some of the special rules we have had to introduce in the fight against Covid-19. ”

September 10th represents the expiry date for that the executive order classifying Covid-19 as a “ socially critical illness”, which was flushed by the Danish parliament’s Pandemic Committee on March tenth last year.  

The parties in the centre-right blue bloc, led by Liberal Party, have already said that they believe that Covid-19 should no longer be classed as a severe threat to society, as well as the health ministry’s announcement arrived less than an hour before the judgment Social Democrats were because of discuss the issue with the some other parties in the Epidemic Panel.  

“ When it sinks in for the Social Democrat government they are in a minority, they then develop better ideas just forty-five minutes before the meeting in the Pandemic Committee is starting, ” said Sophie Lø hde, a member of the committee for the Liberal Party.  

A number of restrictions are set to lapse upon September 1st, notably the requirement to show a valid coronapass in order to sit in restaurants plus bars, and the ban on discos and nightclubs.    

Friday’s announcement means that just 10 days after nightclubs reopen on September 1st, website visitors will no longer have to show a coronapas, and it also means that from September 10th, those going to watch a Superliga football match or attend a backyard event with more than 2, 1000 people, will no longer need a coronapas.  

The particular change in the classification associated with Covid-19 will not, however , impact rules on travel straight into Denmark, which are governed by a  separate inter-party agreement   that is due to expire in Oct, a spokesperson for the health ministry said.  

Dr . Peter L. Breggin joins The Alex Jones Show to alert the public about the deadly dangers of the COVID-19 vaccine bioweapon .

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