LIMITLESS SHOTS: Canada Just Purchased 7 Doses of Covid Vaccines for Every Man, Female and Child

Arrogantly, the particular Canadian government just purchased 293 million doses of covid vaccine for a human population of 38 million individuals.

(Natural News) Under the limp-wristed management of Justin Trudeau, Canada is on a mission to “ build back better” and implement a “ Great Reset” – code-names for communism and people control. This system of control and subjugation is escalating into mandatory vaccines to get travel, employment, buying and selling. The top Minister is currently  threatening everyone’s civil protections   over this issue, establishing a two-tiered community, a totalitarian dictatorship, a medical Apartheid.

It’s not enough in order to force the population to seek authorization to go about their regular lives. It’s not enough in order to threaten body autonomy plus consent at every turn. It’s not enough to coerce the people to line up for experiments that replicate bioweapons within their blood, while turning a blind eye to the bloodstream clots, neurological damage, serious illness and heart swelling that is plaguing the vaccinated.

Arrogantly, the particular Canadian government just purchased 293 million doses of covid vaccine for a inhabitants of 38 million individuals. That’s enough clot shot to  vaccinate each man, woman and kid SEVEN TIMES OVER in the years forward!

Are bi-monthly bioweapon injections coming to North america?

Canada simply signed a contract with Noua to supply 20 million dosages of experimental mRNA with regard to 2022, 2023 and 2024. The contract also simply leaves room for an additional fifteen million doses each year. Previously in the year, Trudeau declared that Canada had also guaranteed a deal with Pfizer, stockpiling 35 million boosters regarding 2022 and an additional thirty-three million boosters for 2023. The contract leaves room for an additional 60 mil doses for the next 2 yrs and 60 million boosters for 2024.

By implementing a system of vaccine enslavement, Canadian specialists can hold people’s freedoms hostage and intimidate people to get as many doses of spike protein as they so command word. As public health regulators stockpile 293 million dosages for the coming years, it seems that bi-monthly bioweapon injections are now likely.

Simply months ago, the covid-19 vaccines were hailed being a “ miracle of science” that were putting an “ end to the pandemic. ” These false promises of propaganda were played away in a calculated and well-timed fashion, to convince individuals who the shots were conserving lives and all freedom would soon be restored. Great, just a few months later, the particular narrative has changed and there will be NO END to cover up mandates, censorship, travel limitation, contact tracing, deprivation of human rights, forced deceptive testing, vaccines mandates,   isolation and internment .

Need to Canada build new private hospitals and stockpile body hand bags, as they force death on their people?

Covid-19 has always been about enslavement, pressured vaccination and totalitarianism, and governments are never going to give up their ill-gotten power as they promise to “ safeguard you. ”

Never mind the fact that these new mRNA drugs continue to be in clinical trials and they are proven dangerous to the heart, with tens of thousands of body hand bags to show for it. In just a three-month time span, Moderna received  over 300, 500 adverse event reports from consumers , reports that were never presented to any federal government surveillance systems, as required by law.

The particular heavily vaccinated nations of  Great Britain, Australia and Israel   are currently locked down in a fourth wave of high hospitalizations since the vaccines have destroyed a persons immune response through antibody dependent enhancement and by putting selective pressure on spike proteins to mutate.

As hospitalizations attach, a new report shows that kids and young adults are  twelve times more likely to encounter myocarditis   from your vaccines than previously believed. Pfizer’s clinical trials display that adverse events are ten times more prevalent following the second dose of spike proteins. What might happen to a person’s cardiovascular system after 3, four, five doses? Does the rate of vaccine damage and depopulation go up by a multiple of ten along with each subsequent shot? Because Canada prepares to inoculate citizens multiple times each year, if the government also build brand new hospitals and stockpile body bags? Or will specialists protect themselves by continuing to build internment camps, to round up and blame the unvaccinated for all the crimes perpetuated by the government and pharmaceutic companies?

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