Maher: Biden Withdrawal ‘Done Horribly, ’ Trump’s Deal With Taliban ‘Irrelevant’

‘Why did all of us pull out the security guard before we got the people from the disco? ‘ he requests.

HBO sponsor of “ Real Time” Bill Maher slammed the Biden administration during his Friday show, noting his execution of the Afghanistan drawback “ was done horribly” and that Trump’s prior handle the Taliban was “ irrelevant. ”

“ It’s a bullshit argument about the deal. Which gives a f*ck about the deal? The deal was no deal… We have a new administration. The old administration was a crazy man, and he made a cope with people who were never going to abide by any deal, ” Maher said. “ Most are the Taliban. They’re laughing at a deal. ”

“ So , Joe Biden… I actually said it last week, We don’t know how it could possess gone worse under Trump. Why did we take out the security guard before we got the people out of the disco? It was done horribly. ”

“ It depresses me a lot, like I said, that the grown ups take over and then they can’t learn better than what the children had been doing. So , execution: F, absolutely, ” he additional.

Whether that Taliban honored their end of the agreement with Leader Trump is also irrelevant, mainly because Trump had a timetable that will included evacuating American citizens BEFORE pulling out the military from the country, among other commonsense contingencies Biden ignored.

Kristi Leigh and Angus Lee take phone calls from American veterans who also respond to the tragic withdrawal of Afghanistan .

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