March 30, 2023

Second DHS Whistleblower Says ‘Cultural War’ Taking Place Within Agency, Officials Incentivized To Acknowledge As Many Migrants As Possible

“There is a cultural battle going on between the conservatives and the people who like open borders, and it’s been happening for years. The conservatives are losing, ” says insider.

Another insider at the Section of Homeland Security blew the whistle to Task Veritas on the agency’s “ cultural war, ” declaring that immigration officers are incentivized to approve visas for unqualified applicants.

The whistleblower said that the internal war within DHS is between workers who believe in national sovereignty versus the globalist faction who also don’t believe in national borders or nation states in any way.

“ There is a cultural war going on between the conservatives and the people who like open borders, and it’s been going on for years. The very conservative are losing, ” the particular insider informed PV creator James O’Keefe in an interview aired Thursday.

The insider explained how the federal government encourages border authorities to approve as many applicants as possible, regardless whether they’re qualified or not to enter the U. S.

“ When they [visa renewal applicants] ask for an extension underneath the deference policy, we’re designed to accept the fact that the first approval was valid, and therefore, we just approve it. It can numerically centric. They [DHS] want us to approve as many [applicants] as possible, ” the whistleblower said.

The whistleblower also claimed that border officials receive bonuses contingent to the number of applicants they process.

“ From the bad thing because it incentivizes approvals. If they denied 90 percent, there would be a much less amount of cases processed because it takes so much longer. In case you approve a bunch of cases, then you definitely are going to obtain a higher bonus because the processing numbers are higher, ” the insider said.

“ If you are getting a bonus since you’re approving of someone entering the country and working — which could potentially be a north american job — I think which is unforgivable. ”

“ We’re supposed to be there to protect national security, and we’re supposed to be there to protect American jobs, ” the insider said, adding this individual expects “ retaliation” in the federal government.

“ I’m not afraid of this. I’m doing the right thing, ” they said.

This comes just times after a separate DHS insider revealed to Project Veritas that transnational lawbreaker cartels are exploiting loopholes in the immigration system to carry out lucrative kid sex trafficking operations.

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