March 30, 2023

‘We Don’t Know Who They will Are’: Tucker Carlson Slams Lack of Vetting of Afghan Refugees

Tens of thousands of Afghans and their families have been evacuated from Kabul’ s international airport by the ALL OF US and other Western powers within recent weeks alongside foreign diplomats and military workers. Some of Joe Biden’ s Democratic Party allies possess called on the president in order to double the US’ s i9000 Afghan refugee cap in order to at least 200, 000 people. The […]#@@#@!!

Tens of thousands of Afghans and their families have been evacuated from Kabul’s international airport by the US and other Western power in recent weeks alongside foreign diplomats and army personnel. Some of Joe Biden’s Democratic Party allies have called on the president in order to double the US’s Afghan refugee cap to a minimum of 200, 000 people.

The US provides “ no real idea” who many of the tens of thousands of Afghan nationals presently being airlifted out of Afghanistan are, plus some of these individuals may pose a terror threat, Sibel News host and paleoconservative commentator Tucker Carlson provides suggested.

Within a  segment   airing Friday in the nightly talk show, Carlson indicated that while the evacuation from Afghanistan “ could be the largest airlift in generations, ” the truth is, ” US officials have “ no real idea” who most of them really are.

Carlson pointed out that just approximately 5, 000 of the estimated 110, 000 people evacuated from Afghanistan since Come july 1st are US nationals, using the State Department admitting that it “ has no idea how many” of the rest “ have ‘ special immigrant visas’, meaning they actually worked with the US military” or served as translators. Based on International Rescue Commtitee numbers, as of last month,   only   16, 000 Afghan SIVs had been issued, with 18, 000+ applications in the pipeline.

“ We just learned, for example , that at least 100 from the refugees the US military offers flown out of Kabul – people we’re told are heroes – are in fact upon terror watch lists, ” the host added, talking about a recent Daily Mail  report   citing a US official.

“ Today, an Afghan interpreter told Fox News that this kind of factor is happening constantly. People are making planes in Kabul without any proof of identification whatsoever. It’s actual like voting in California, ” Carlson sardonically stated.

The host went on to point out comments by a commercial initial flying people out of Kabul to Dulles airport outdoors Washington, DC, who stated   in an interview the State Department refused to offer any information to US Traditions and Border Patrol to the passengers’ identities after the airplane landed on US soil. “ In other words, as always, the particular unnamed foreign nationals got far better treatment than you would get if you landed at Dulles. Surprised? ” Carlson complained.

The conservative host falsely accused Democrats of deliberately sticking to this no-questions-asked policy upon Afghan refugees, suggesting how the liberal party views “ every refugee as a potential new voter. ” But it’s an issue that slashes across party lines, according to Carlson, with some Republicans, such as Adam Kingzinger of The state of illinois, recently defending the airlift on CNN and accusing some media and politicians of “ racism” and “ fearmongering” and of having “ evil” in their hearts.

Responding to Kinzinger’s remarks, Carlson suggested that a debate on the number of refugees that the US admits had nothing to do with racism. “ Pashtuns are whiter than you are, they have beards. Yet there is nothing racist about getting concerns about having Afghans or anyone else moving right here. It has nothing to do with competition, so knock it away, ” he demanded.

The host went on to beret Democratic Ny congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, who recently told MSNBC that the US has a meaningful obligation to evacuate “ no less than 200, 000” Afghans to “ make good on the role that we have performed in this violence. ” Carlson reiterated his long-held view that the US should have picked up of Afghanistan a long time ago, but argued that “ we don’t owe the country anything” now that the 19+ year war and occupation is coming to a close.

Pointing to the construction associated with special temporary housing in Fort Bliss, Texas for many of the “ at-risk” Afghans who have made it into the United States, which has been dubbed “ Operation Allies Refuge, ” Carlson sarcastically suggested that while “ that sounds like something all of us can get behind – providing refuge to our allies, ” it was also worth remembering that “ the Pentagon now considers the Taliban an ally. We’re giving them lists of Americans who are nevertheless in Afghanistan, as well as other classified intelligence. We’re also giving them free plane rides to the country. ”

Afghanistan Airlift Enters Last Stage

The Biden administration has indicated that it plans to stay with its 31 August Afghanistan withdrawal deadline, with Thursday’s deadly twin attacks within the country’s airport, which wiped out 13 US service users, scores of Afghan civilians, plus over two dozen Taliban fighters apparently having simply no impact on these plans.

The skeleton crew manning the US Embassy within Kabul issued a  security alert   to Americans still left in the united states early Saturday morning, recommending them to avoid the airport because of what the Embassy said were credible “ security threats. ”

Daesh-Khorasan, a branch of Daesh operating across a broad geographic space including Afghanistan, Indian, Pakistan and Central Asian countries, claimed responsibility for Thursdays’ attacks, and a US drone strike  hit   what the Pentagon said was a suspected terrorist planner in eastern Afghanistan upon Friday night.

Alex Jones shows exclusive footage from inside the Kabul expulsion.

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