March 24, 2023

“I Demand Accountability”: Marine Leader Fired For Viral Video clip Ripping ‘Inept’ Afghan War Decisions

Even though there are  abundant samples of retired and former army officers publicly demanding responsibility of the Biden administration over how the horribly bungled and today utterly  tragic Afghan draw down and evacuation is certainly going, it’ s  incredibly rare and almost unheard of  to find out an active duty officer  voice criticisms directed at top Pentagon brass on a public degree. But one high […]#@@#@!!

Though there are  abundant examples of upon the market and former military officials publicly demanding accountability from the Biden administration over how the horribly bungled and now utterly  tragic Afghan draw straight down and evacuation is going, it’s  incredibly rare and almost unheard of  to see an active duty officer  voice criticisms directed at top Pentagon brass on the public level.

But one high ranking Marine officer  has done just that in a now virus-like video.   Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller until Friday was a sitting Marine infantry battalion commander in great standing, but late within the day it’s been confirmed he was promptly relieved associated with his command over their statements.   “ I am willing to throw everything away to say to my senior leaders,   ‘ I demand accountability , ‘”   the particular Lieutenant colonel said in the Facebook video which already racked up millions of sights across various platforms.  

Following the dreadful deaths of 13 United states soldiers and over 160 Afghans during yesterday’s suicide attack on Kabul airport,   Scheller disposed the “ ineptitude” from the military’s top leadership , even questioning whether the entirety of the botched  withdrawal plus evacuation effort means Americans have  “ passed away in vain”   over the course of the whole two-decade lengthy war.  

His focus in the scathing critique was to question whether top brass stood up to the Biden administration, even while knowing that the administration’s decision-making would lead to chaos, catastrophe, and possible deaths – as is tragically playing out now…

“ I’m not saying we’ve got to be in Afghanistan forever, but I am saying:   Did any one of you throw your rank on the table and say ‘ hey, it’s a bad idea to evacuate Bagram Airfield, a strategic airbase, before we all evacuate everyone , ‘”   he said.

Did anyone do this?   And when you didn’t think to do that,   did anyone raise their hand and say  ‘ we totally messed this up . ‘ ” Scheller questioned further. What makes the short video clip unprecedented and raw can also be that he’s in uniform, sitting in what appears to be his base office (such ‘ political speech’ in open contradiction of the chain of command while in uniform violates DoD policies). The long-serving officer of 17 yrs knows this, as he later on acknowledged in a short follow-up message.   “ Did any of you throw your rank on the table… ” – and query?   … Sheller himself does just that, and is now paying the price for this.

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Politico  and others later within the day Friday confirmed not only was Scheller  quickly relieved of command within 24 hours , but that action is being taken which will lead to discharge from the service altogether, likely pending  UCMJ procedures.

I’ve been within the Marine infantry for 17 years . I started my tour with Victor 1-8, that’s the current unit that’s doing perimeter safety, dealing with the mess which going on there, ”   Scheller  explained in the movie.

It’s becoming widely reported that until being relieved on  Fri, he was commander of the School of Infantry East (SOI-EAST) at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.  

Within the video he ripped everybody from top Marine commanders to the Secretary of Defense  for failures in Afghanistan which led to more mindless deaths.

“ But we have a secretary of defense that testified to Congress in May that the Afghan National Security Forces could withstand the Taliban advance, ”   he said.   “ We have Chairmen from the Joint Chiefs — who also the commandant is a member of that — who’s supposed to advise on military policy. We have the Marine combatant commander. Many of these people are supposed to advise. ”

Should things always spiral downhill in Kabul over these coming days, probably with more terror attacks looming,   could the American public witness a lot more such symbolic acts associated with ‘ rebellion’   to come within  the rates of active duty US troops  against the Biden administration?

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Lt. Col. Scheller’s full video comments  can be viewed here .

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