Indecent: Joe Biden Checks Watch While Receiving 13 Dropped Military Members At Dover Base

Puppet president shows the world his disdain for American heroes.

Joe Biden was caught sneaking the peek at his view during his reception of the 13 fallen servicemembers who were killed by a suicide bomber in Kabul.

The incident took place Sunday while Biden and many members of his Cabinet witnessed the “ sensible transfer” of the military members’ remains from an plane to Dover Air Push base in Delaware.

Family members of the fallen officers were also show witness the return of the loved ones from Afghanistan.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, chairman of the Combined Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley, US Sea Corps commandant Gen. Jesse Berger, and Secretary associated with State Antony Blinken were seen in attendance.

Hopefully, they didn’t catch Biden in the disgraceful action.

Nevertheless , many on social media do take notice, with the comparison getting drawn between Biden’s fresh gesture and former President Trump’s solemn salute in order to fallen soldiers while he was in office.

Others poked fun on Biden’s ailing condition while pointing out his fancy faux pas.

This surely won’t bode well for the embattled puppet leader, who already received harsh criticism from a mother of one of the fallen soldiers, contacting Biden a “ dementia-ridden piece of garbage. ”

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The mentally addled mind of Joe Biden blurted out something that should have remained an inside thought Monday as he told a gathering in the White House that “ pretty soon” Kamala Harris will be chief executive .  

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