Trudeau Called “Communist F**k” While Posing For Selfie

Masked Canadian PM scurries aside after being called out there as Marxist petty tyrant.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was called a “ Communist f*ck” by a man who pretended to actually want to take a picture with him.

A masked Trudeau was seen posing with a man who seem to initially seemed excited to have a picture with him, yet that changed quickly when the man unleashed the slur, prompting Trudeau to quickly walk away.

This comes after Trudeau was forced to cancel a campaign rally in Ontario on Friday due to irate protesters storming the event.

Canada’s COVID crusade is in complete swing, imposing lockdowns, cover up mandates, contact tracing, and vaccine given in several provinces across the country in the wake from the so-called “ delta” variant.

The animal measures have spurred massive protests , some led by activist Chris Skies , which have gained international attention.

Lately, Canada has ordered seven COVID injections for every man, woman, and child in the nation, suggesting that boosters will be rolled out to supplement the particular already ineffective mRNA jab.

Dr . Jane Ruby is joined by hero-activist Patrick King who else fought the government of Alberta, Canada and had successful results .

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