March 30, 2023

College Issues Insane COVID Mandates: Injections, Double-Masking, Off-Campus Traveling Ban

A college in Massachusetts is certainly imposing some of the most oppressive ‘ health’ mandates in the country, based on reports. Students arriving for the fall semester at Amherst University were shocked to learn of a long list of cruel plans allegedly implemented to ‘ stop the spread’ of COVID. Prior to arrival, almost all students, faculty, and employees were ordered […]#@@#@!!

A college within Massachusetts is imposing many of the most oppressive ‘ health’ requires in the country, according to reports.

Learners arriving for the fall semester at Amherst College were shocked to learn of a long list of cruel policies apparently implemented to ‘ stop the spread’ of COVID.

Prior to arrival, all learners, faculty, and staff were ordered to provide proof that they had received experimental COVID shots, with limited exceptions given upon religious or medical grounds.

They also had to submit to a combination of PCR and rapid antigen tests immediately after setting foot on campus.

Citing the supposed distribute of the ‘ Delta version, ‘ a collection of additional assignments were issued.

School newspapers The Amherst Student clarifies some of the new rules as follows:

“ The college has decided that in accordance with guidance from the Facilities for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), anyone who has tested positive for Covid is going to be put into isolation for 10 days in either designated dormitory rooms or at home designed for students and staff correspondingly. ”

“ Students will be permitted to visit the town of Amherst, masked when indoors, with regards to “ conducting business” (i. e. opening bank accounts and picking up prescriptions). Students are not allowed to go to restaurants or even bars. ”

“ Amherst will require all employees, faculty and students to wear face covers while inside campus structures — regardless of their vaccination status, according to an email delivered from Martin on August. 16. The masking requirement was enhanced as of Aug. 24: all students must double-mask (wear two pleated filter masks on top of one particular another) if they are not within the KN95 mask in classrooms and other academic spaces operating at 100 percent capacity. ”

The main dining hall will stay closed. Students will “ retrieve to-go style foods and will eat in tents outdoors. ”

Spectators must wear masks at events and sports matches – but no celebration will be permitted before or after competitions, such as tailgating.

College students must wear masks in most common areas in residence halls.

Non-injected students must be masked at all times upon campus, unless they are only in their dorm rooms with the door closed or outdoors and ‘ socially distanced. ‘

The regulations are so draconian, an open notice of protest addressed towards the administration has been signed by over 430 students — nearly one-quarter of the total enrollment .

“ This updated group of guidelines appears to be out of line with the current CDC, condition, local, and peer institution standards for COVID-19 reaction, and we demand revision and clarification, ” students had written in the letter.

“ It is currently challenging to believe that Amherst remains committed to our full student experience, and hard to regain the typical excitement that comes with returning to campus every fall. ”

School authorities claim the current set of rules will be reviewed by Sept 13 to determine if they will be relaxed.

The cost of attendance at Amherst College can be estimated to range between $82, 846 – $85, 296 for the 2021-2022 college year.

Sean M. Brooks of  American Education and learning FM   ties The Alex Jones Show to breakdown how to fight for medical autonomy over ourself and our children.

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