Judge Forces Hospital To Treat Declining Man With Ivermectin

The medical establishment will let people die to ensure vaccine EUA remains intact

A woman in Cincinnati, Kansas whose husband has been put into a medically induced coma due to Covid-19 won case last week, forcing hospital personnel to treat her husband with ivermectin.

51-year-old Jeffrey Smith tested positive for Covid-19 upon July 9th and had been admitted to the ICU upon July 15th.

In the hospital, Smith has been treated with the only FDA authorized drug for Covid-19, remdesivir, as well as plasma and steroids.

Jeffrey’s wellness declined and on August first hospital staff sedated him and put him on a ventilator.

According to court documents , Smith has been put in a medically induced coma on August 20th and three days later doctors found a secondary contamination.

The supplementary infection was allegedly caused by hospital staff forgetting to refill Smith’s sedation medication, allowing him to wake up while on a ventilator, “ rip the air tube from his esophagus, disturb and break the feeding pipe, which caused food particles and toxins to escape directly into his lungs; this triggered him to aspirate. ”

Initially, Smith’s doctor Fred Wagshul had written a prescription for ivermectin to treat his patient, however the hospital refused to comply.

Because Gizmodo reports , Dr . Wagshul is a Dayton, Ohio-area pulmonologist who is listed like a founder of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Connections (FLCCA).

FLCCA is a group that supports  ivermectin as both a preventative and therapeutic designed for covid-19.

Smith’s wife Judy said physicians gave Jeffrey a lower than 30% chance of survival and that he “ is on death’s doorstep. ”

The same day that will Jeffrey’s secondary infection has been found, August 23rd, Retainer County Common Pleas Courtroom Judge Gregory Howard dominated that the West Chester Medical center in Cincinnati had to deal with him with ivermectin.

Dr . Wagshul told Cincinnati newspaper The Enquirer the American government’s coverup of the advantages of ivermectin for Covid sufferers is equivalent to “ genocide. ”

“ Whenever we were a country looking at another country allowing all those (COVID-19)  deaths daily … we would have been screaming, ‘ Genocide! ‘” he declared.

A local Cincinnati news report on the Cruz story attacked ivermectin as being a “ livestock de-wormer” that is “ likely to do a lot more harm than good. ”

Now, evaluate that propaganda piece along with Jon Bowne’s recent statement exposing the vilification associated with ivermectin to learn the truth about the antiviral that is currently heading viral.

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