March 24, 2023

OpenTable seeks to normalize shot passports with new integration

“To help diners easily provide evidence of vaccination at restaurants. inch

Last week, popular restaurant booking app OpenTable announced that it would introduce a new feature allowing its clients to easily implement vaccine mandates and users to show proof of vaccination.

The news comes as more towns in the US and the rest of the entire world mandate vaccine passports for outdoor and indoor locations and events.

OpenTable is ignoring problems about civil liberties and said it was partnering along with security company CLEAR, which provides a digital vaccine certification system.

“ To assist diners easily provide proof of vaccination at restaurants, OpenTable and secure identity corporation CLEAR are partnering to offer diners a simple way to show proof of vaccination through CLEAR’s digital vaccine card, ” the restaurant booking app stated last week, linking to a new  blog post to declare the initiative .

OpenTable will allow dining places to indicate whether they have vaccination mandates.

To make use of the new feature, users will need to create a CLEAR account with the OpenTable web app or mobile app. The next step will be connecting their COVID-19 shot certificate with OpenTable, that they can then present at institutions with vaccine mandates.

Such developments have been in anticipation that more towns and jurisdictions will apply vaccine mandates as the questionable and invasive system gets to be normalized around the world. So far, in the US, three major cities have vaccination mandates;   Los Angeles ,   New York , and  San Francisco .

OpenTable’s new vaccine certification feature might be used in these cities and even by dining places in other areas that are however to implement mandates yet have not prohibited their execution by private businesses.

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