Restaurant Owner Bans Biden Followers: ‘If You Support…Please Consider Business Elsewhere’

‘If you really, really nevertheless stand behind what’s allowed this to happen and the way this happened… I certainly do not want your business. ‘

A Florida restaurant owner is refusing to serve supporters of Joe Biden after the bungled Afghanistan withdrawal.

Following news that 13 servicemembers acquired died during the botched pullout last week, the owner of Debary Diner in DeBary posted a sign telling Biden supporters these people not welcome.

“ If you voted just for and continue to support plus stand behind the worthless, inept and corrupt administration presently inhabiting the White House that is complicit in the passing away of our servicemen and females in Afghanistan, please period business elsewhere, ” the sign stated.

The owner of the diner, Angie Ugarte, informed local mass media WFOL she posted the particular sign in anger and as a type of protest.

“ It was the only thing I felt like I really could do, ” she said. “ I was just angry. I was just let down. I actually felt like one of those mothers, or even wives, or sisters who had been gonna get that hit on the door. ”

According to Ugarte, a number of her customers are military veterans and she has an whole wall dedicated to servicemembers.

“ If you actually, really still stand behind can be allowed this to happen and the way it happened – which was unnecessary then I usually do not want to be associated with you by any means and I certainly don’t need your business, ” she mentioned.

Customer responses ranged from supportive to appalled.

“ She gets the right to not let anybody in the restaurant that facilitates a certain view, ” mentioned one patriot, while an additional Debary customer said,   “ I wouldn’t move there. I don’t appreciate it. ”

In terms of Ugarte, she says she is keeping the sign up for provided that it takes, especially considering you may still find Americans stranded in Afghanistan.

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