March 30, 2023

DC Court Sends Man to Jail for Watching “Conspiracy Theory” Videos Online

Court officers found man in garage streaming content from Rumble.

A DC district courtroom judge on Thursday sentenced a man to jail regarding viewing content online that will suggested the 2020 political election was fraudulently stolen.

The man, Douglas Jensen, had been released upon July 13 after a months-long incarceration in a DC prison for allegedly participating in the particular Jan. 6 rally at the US Capitol.

One condition set by US District Judge Timothy Kelly upon Jensen’s pretrial release was he avoid going online, “ specifically to stream election fraud conspiracy theory theory content, ” reports Buzzfeed Information .

During an unannounced compliance check out, officers found Jensen in his garage streaming unidentified articles from Rumble, which prosecutors claimed was a popular conventional platform.

“ Jensen admitted to the court officer that he’d also spent two days watching the ‘ cyber symposium’ hosted by MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, one of the most prominent advocates of election fraud conspiracy theory theories, ” writes Buzzfeed .

After Jensen’s attorney Christopher Davis argued his client posed no risk to public safety which he should not go to prison despite violating the conditions of his release, a good unconvinced Judge Kelly relocated to send him back to prison.

“ He is simply unable to follow the conditions I’ve set out, ” the particular judge said.

The case is exemplary showing how a person’s freedom and defenses under the First Amendment could be instantly stripped away at a district judge’s whim.

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