‘Cheers’ Star Kirstie Alley, seventy, Says She Used Ivermectin, Joe Rogan Protocol To deal with COVID And Recovered Within 12 Days

Kirstie Alley used many of the same drugs since Joe Rogan – which includes Ivermectin – and recovered from COVID-19 in only twelve days

Television plus film actress Kirstie Street, 70, revealed on Twitter that she used Ivermectin and a cocktail of some other drugs, popularized yesterday by podcast legend Joe Rogan, to treat her COVID-19. Alley says she recovered fully in 12 days, with most symptoms subsiding in two days.

Spreading a video in which Joe Rogan described how he dealt with his COVID-19, Alley revealed she used similar medicines to massive success, in spite of being in a higher risk age group. “ I did almost the same protocol when I got it, ” had written Alley. “ It drawn for two days then I was just tired [with] no sense of smell or taste designed for 10 more days. ”

The “ Cheers” star added, “ I had no respiratory symptoms, thank god, not even the sniffle. Don’t care in case people think protocols are stupid. Effective IF CARRIED OUT IMMEDIATELY. ” When Street was asked by a enthusiast how she was able to safe the treatment regimen, she mentioned “ My good ole family Dr . and a Covid expert doc from NYC.. gotta tell you the protocols are cheap. ”

Rogan produced headlines and was heralded as a beacon of wish for medical freedom by conservatives and ridiculed for using “ horse paste” from the left, despite the latter getting factually inaccurate misinformation.

On a  video posted to social media , Rogan said, “ I got back from the street Saturday night feeling extremely weary, I had a headache I just felt, just run down and just to be cautious, I separated from my family, rested in a different part of the home and throughout the night I acquired fevers and sweats and am knew what was goin’ on, ” Rogan stated on Wednesday. “ So I obtained up in the morning, got examined, and turns out I got COVID. ”

“ So we immediately threw the kitchen sink at it, all kinds of meds, monoclonal antibodies, ivermectin, Z-Pak, prednisone, everything, ” Rogan continued. “ Uh, and I also got a good NAD drip and a supplement drip and I did that three days in a line. And so, here we are on Wednesday, and I feel great. I really only had 1 bad day, Sunday sucked, but Monday was much better, Tuesday felt better than Monday, and today I actually feel good. Personally i think pretty f**king good. Uh, that’s the good news. The poor news is we have to move the Friday show in Nashville. ”

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