Kid brides & Terrorist Connections? US struggles to Identify A lot of 100k+ Afghans Evacuated from Kabul

Admin of State Anthony Blinken claimed up to 80% associated with evacuated Afghans were “at-risk” individuals.

As the ALL OF US began to identify and veterinarian 100, 000-plus Afghans evacuated in the Kabul airlift, diplomats sought guidance on claims of sex trafficking of underage girls, while at least one hundred people were flagged for possible extremism.

President Joe Biden had  declared   the Kabul airlift an “ extraordinary” success, directing to 124, 000 individuals extracted from Afghanistan pursuing the Taliban takeover. Fewer than six, 000 were US citizens, however , and most of the Afghans who have made it onto the evacuation flights were not the translators  who worked with NATO soldiers or local employees associated with Western NGOs – many of them remained in Kabul and they are currently in hiding.

Secretary of Condition Antony Blinken told reporters on Friday that the administration was  “ nevertheless figuring out”   who all the evacuees were, but claimed up to 80 percent of them were  “ at-risk”   Afghans.

Meanwhile, internal State Department documents leaked to CNN and AP indicated concern by US authorities over what looked like intercourse trafficking – reports of underage Afghan girls shown as  “ wives”   of much old men.

Diplomats within Doha in the United Arab Emirates – where Afghan evacuees were processed – referred to  “ numerous”   occurrences of this nature. Officials with Fort McCoy in Wisconsin, where the evacuees were brought, sought  “ immediate guidance”   when it concerns these child brides, AP  reported   on Friday, citing inner documents in their possession. Resources also spoke of a document from Abu Dhabi that will documented claims by some of the girls that they had been raped.

“ Intake staff at Fort McCoy reported multiple cases of minor females who also presented as ‘ married’ to adult Afghan men, as well as polygamous families, ”   says a scenario report by the Afghanistan Job Force, dated August twenty-seven under number 63, as quoted by AP.   “ Department associated with State has requested urgent guidance. ”

The reports fascinated the attention of Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who charged the Biden administration of importing  “ the human rights catastrophe”   into the US and conducting  “ literally child trafficking. ”

Cruz later released a  statement   accusing the White House of rushing to create the evacuees into the ALL OF US, threatening the security and wellness of Americans by not really screening them for Covid-19 or potential terrorist ties, and even incentivizing abuse.

“ There were multiple cases of kid brides and polygamous families from Afghanistan arriving at military bases here in America included in their botched evacuation, ”   Cruz said.   “ Every Biden-Harris official linked to this particular disgrace should and should be held accountable. ”

Cruz’s adviser, Omri Ceren, also highlighted other issues, such as evacuees getting flagged for hyperlinks to terrorist groups or the Taliban – the US appears to not differentiate between the two – and an unknown amount of evacuees testing positive for that coronavirus upon arrival.

According to  NBC News , from the 30, 000 Afghans brought to the US so far, about ten, 000 needed  “ additional screening. ”   The 100 flagged for possible terrorist ties were among that group, and two of them were flown out to Kosovo for further vetting. In 2008, the US-backed government in Kabul was the first to recognize the breakaway province of Serbia when it declared independence within violation of UN guidelines.

Earlier within the week, Breitbart  reported   that one or more of the refugees was actually a convicted rapist, deported from the US in 2017, but now back as part of the jump. NBC’s sources said Friday that  “ various other evacuees”   currently in the Washington, DC region had been deported from the ALL OF US for criminal offenses, and that the authorities were today trying to decide what to do using them.

“ If and when we obtain derogatory information, we know how to deal with that, ”   Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas  told reporters   on Friday.   “ These muscles are very well exercised, ”   he mentioned, adding that   “ we do really feel confident in the safety and security of the American people. ”

Other says taking in Afghan refugees also reported problems. German authorities have so far flagged 3 of the refugees with forged documents and four who was simply previously deported for  “ serious crimes, ”   Interior Minister Horst Seehofer told reporters on Friday.

Meanwhile, hundreds of journalists doing work for US government-funded outlets have got been  left behind   in Afghanistan, in addition to many current and former interpreters working with US soldiers over the years – including a guy named Mohammed who  helped rescue   then-senators Biden, John Kerry and Chuck Hagel whenever their helicopter went down in the blizzard in 2008.

Who are these people ? Who are the people hitting the flippers on the walkaway Joe pinball machine?  

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