Video clip: Scuffle Between Police, Counter-Protesters as Antifa Shows Up to Disrupt Anti-Migrant Rally in London

UK government rolls out red carpet just for unvetted Afghan refugees yet cracks down on its fed-up citizens.

People opposing and supporting asylum seekers in the UK collected for competing rallies on the government district of Croydon in South London. Tensions escalated into an altercation with the police.

The scuffle occurred outside Lunar House, which hosts the immigration division of the Home Office. A group of people with a pro-refugee stance clashed with police officers keeping them far from a small anti-immigrant rally.

The Croydon location was picked for a display by people concerned with the rising number of immigrants coming in the country. Their reluctance to see more arrivals of foreign people has been fuelled lately with a record number of attempts in order to cross the English Funnel by asylum seekers, which was documented last week, and evacuations through Afghanistan.

Demonstrating on the other side of the police series were a significantly larger number of people, who showed up for a counter-protest. Those activists desire refugees to be widely approved in the UK and consider individuals with the opposite view racists.

They carried a sizable black banner declaring their own position and chanted slogans like ‘ Say it loud, say it obvious, refugees are welcomed here’.

Some of the counter-protesters appeared quite angry at the police officers who kept the groups separated. The police had been accused of  “ protecting fascists”   from the self-identified  “ anti-fascists. ”   The scuffle happened after tempers ran particularly higher.

The anti-immigrant crowd  dismissed   their own detractors as  “ rent-a-mob anarchists. ”

According to the CDC’s own website , refugees arriving in America needs to be prescribed Ivermectin.

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