Democrat Arrested For Attacking Law enforcement On 1/6 Seeks Lighter in weight Sentence Because He Posed As A Trump Supporter

Robert Maurice Reeder’s criminal case proves 1/6 infiation by radical leftists posing as MAGA protestors.

Robert Maurice Reeder, a registered Democrat who was arrested for being in the US Capitol and attacking police on January 6, is now pleading to the court for a lighter sentence as they was posing as a Trump supporter during the time of his claimed crimes.

The particular narrative of January six being pushed by Democrats and establishment politicians continues to collapse. A new  report   by The Gateway Pundit says a man named Robert Maurice Reeder, who was arrested for storming the Capitol and assaulting police. Reeder is now pleading with the court to receive the lighter sentence due to the revelation that he was not actually a true Trump supporter, but in truth, a registered Democrat appearing as an election integrity protestor whose goal that time was to make the real protestors look bad.

He was watching television insurance of a pro-Trump crowd which had gathered for a speeches on the Ellipse, when this individual made a spur-of-the-moment choice to hop a teach into Washington, D. Chemical., to join the event. After listening to the oratory on the Ellipse, he says he visited various area monuments before arriving at the U. S. Capitol and joining the “ initially festive” events which by then were transpiring… This individual pleaded guilty to one of these counts — count four — and was because of be sentenced Wednesday.

According to the report, Reeder was set to receive his lighter sentence for posing as a MAGA protestor until a video showed him strongly attacking police officers. On The month of january 6, Reeder exhibited inflammatory and violent behavior to paint the surrounding Trump followers as violent and unhinged. “ Reeder was a regular Biden agitator who desired to interrupt the Republican arguments inside the Capitol. And he desired to frame Trump supporters as violent insurrectionists, ” documented Gateway Pundit.

In new January six footage, a man dressed in tactical gear and a gas cover up can be seen aiming a gun at the crowd. The new angle was filmed by Jason Funes, who recently launched the footage via his  YouTube channel . It is unknown whether the expected officer was a member the Capitol Police or another police force agency, as  National File reported .

The new movie was filmed just outside one of the main entrances to the Capitol building. A group of 5-10 people can be seen pounding on the door with bats, some furnished with riot shields. Almost all of these individuals were wearing helmets along with other tactical gear. The rest of the group can be seen standing idly simply by, simply protesting.

Around the  one: 58   indicate in the new angle, a person can be seen pointing a rifle at the crowd. The presumed police officer was dressed in complete tactical gear and was wearing a gas mask. He can be seen outside the building striving his rifle at the masses for about 8 seconds just before retreating back inside. It really is unknown whether the gun was armed with live ammunition or rubber bullets, though rubberized bullet guns tend to have broad barrels.

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