Quotes: Woman in Quarantine Bothered by Cops For Removing Face Mask to Drink Tea

Life inside camp COVID.

A video out of a quarantine camp in Australia shows a man describing how cops stressed a woman because she briefly removed her face mask to imbibe some tea.

The video clip, that was posted to TikTok, includes a young man describing the mundanity of life inside a COVID self-isolation camp.

“ We’re all just waiting patiently to be fed, it could like when you shake the bag of dog treats and the dogs come operating – we’re all just outside waiting, ” he declares, before describing what happened towards the woman living in the shack opposite him.

“ Just had the cops come round plus tell this woman away from staying over here too because there was about 5 mere seconds in-between her taking a sip of her cup associated with tea and she took her face mask down, ” this individual states.

“ Cops came round literally on the dot and just drawn her up for it and he or she said ‘ well I am drinking my tea’ and they said ‘ well not really right now you’re not – place your face mask on. ”

Last month, Victoria Leading Daniel Andrews expressed fury that Australians were getting rid of their masks outdoors to imbibe alcohol at pop up bars.

“ There will be no removal of masks to take alcohol outdoors, you will not be able to remove your mask to drink a cocktail in a pop-up beer garden on a footpath as part of a pub crawl, ” said Andrews.

People in Australia are routinely harassed simply by authorities for not wearing face masks, including an elderly man who had a seizure after police tackled your pet for not wearing a face addressing while he was working out in the grounds of a botanical gardens in Brisbane.

Having pursued a disastrous ‘ zero COVID’ policy, Australia is now becoming referred to as ‘ prison island’ – having imposed probably the most draconian lockdowns in the developed world, including a night time curfew, with seemingly simply no escape plan.

As we outlined earlier, specialists in Victoria, Australia possess announced they will “ lock out” unvaccinated people through being able to participate in the economy.

New South Wales Chief Health Officer Dr . Kerry Chant also asserted that COVID will be with us “ forever” and people will have to “ get used to” getting endless booster vaccines.

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