Business proprietor Tests Positive For COVID For Second Time Despite Being Double Jabbed

Expresses gratitude to take the vaccine anyway.

A business owner in the UK continues to be forced to close her store after testing positive regarding COVID-19 for the second period despite being double jabbed.

Ursula Sutcliffe says she has lost her sense of odor, has a pain in the back of her head and is now bedridden due to the infection, despite having received her second dosage of the vaccine.

“ Ursula, who had her second vaccination in May this year, first tested positive for Covid in September last year, which led to her plant shop being close for 10 days. This is started be the same situation a year on, ” reports the Telegraph & Argus .

“ It’s a nightmare. Personally i think absolutely shattered, ” stated Sutcliffe.

“ On Sunday morning I woke up and I felt like I had been hit by a teach. The back of my skull felt like I had been hit in the head.

The shop owner previously had to close the girl store the first time she obtained COVID and then again after someone who visited was pinged by the onerous ‘ Track plus Trace’ system.

Unbelievably, Sutcliffe responded to the entire failure of the vaccine by expressing gratitude for the undeniable fact that she was able to take it.

“ This is the second time having covid. The 1st was September last year. Double jabbed & thankful for that because I feel horrible, ” she tweeted.

She also scolded herself for not wearing a face mask during the summer, despite studies showing they are virtually worthless at stopping the spread of the virus.

“ I stopped putting on my mask as much in the shop. I could kick myself now, ” said Sutcliffe.

So having ‘ followed the science’ by complying and getting double jabbed, Sutcliffe’s reaction to the particular jab not working is to regret that she didn’t conform even more.

In the mean time, after Brits were told that taking the vaccine would reduce severe symptoms and prevent the NHS from being “ overwhelmed” by serious COVID hospitalizations, they’re at this point being told that an October lockdown is likely due to an increase within COVID hospitalizations.

People are also about to line up for the first of God knows how many vaccine “ enhancer shots, ” because the first two doses were so successful.

The clown show goes on.

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