March 29, 2023

Jimmy Kimmel Returns to Amplify Debunked Ivermectin Story, Attacks Alex Jones

AP forced to confess claims of poison manage centers being overwhelmed with calls were not true.

Jimmy Kimmel returned to the airwaves last night in order to amplify the debunked claim that poison control centers are usually reporting huge ‘ spikes’ in calls from people taking ivermectin, despite the Connected Press having to publish the retraction admitting that this is not true.

“ People are still having this ivermectin, you know the particular poison control centers have seen this spike in phone calls from people taking this livestock medicine to fight the coronavirus, but they is just not take the vaccine which is insane, ” said Kimmel.

The comedian continued to chide people taking drug for distrusting pharmaceutic companies, noting that it is marketed by Merck.

“ It’s like when you are a vegan and most likely like, ‘ No, I actually don’t want a hamburger. Give me that can of Alpo rather, ” joked Kimmel.

“ I leave you people alone for two months and you start taking horse earthworm medicine? ” Kimmel stated, adding “ What a weird summer. ”

The joke might have made sense if it wasn’t based on a manifestly provable bit of fake news.

As we highlighted earlier, the Associated Press was required to retract its claim that seventy per cent of calls towards the Mississippi Poison Control Middle were about people consuming ivermectin to treat COVID-19.

The actual figure had been 2 per cent.

Rolling Stone Magazine was also humiliated after claiming that so many patients “ overdosing” on ivermectin that Ok hospitals were being “ overwhelmed” and gunshot victims were going untreated.

The Northeastern Hospital System Sequoyah subsequently issued a statement clarifying it “ has not treated any kind of patients due to complications associated with taking ivermectin, ” which “ includes not treating any patients for ivermectin overdose. ”

Maybe Kimmel’s team of writers should have alerted him to all of this before the show last night.

Kimmel e went on to scam that dumb Americans had been depriving horses of the medicine, deliberately omitting that there is a human version of the drug.

The controversy flared up again after podcast host Joe Rogan said ivermectin was one of the drugs he took to successfully recover from COVID, leading leftists to charge Rogan with pushing “ misinformation” and encouraging others to take “ horse dewormer. ”

That prompted Rogan to point out that he was prescribed the drug by real doctors.

“ They keep saying I’m taking horse dewormer. I actually got it from a doctor. But CNN keeps saying I am just taking horse dewormer. They have to know that that’s a lie, ” Rogan said, asking if he should sue CNN.

Elsewhere in the monologue, Kimmel also attacked radio host Alex Jones for promoting ivermectin and taking it on air, remarking, “ I’ve in no way seen someone that mad drink a Topo Chico just before. ”

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