An account Of Two Comedians: Patton Oswalt Vs JP Sears On Vaccine Passports


A pair of popular comedians made drastically different decisions this week regarding vaccine passports pertaining to attendees of their shows.

First, JP Sears of Austin, Tx announced on Wednesday that he was disappointed at needing to cancel an upcoming show in Washington.

“ The deal is, I held getting messages saying, ‘ JP, I just bought seat tickets to your show, but on the site it says you have to be vaccinated or show a negative Covid test. Do you know about this? ‘ After a few of these arrived, I said, ‘ No, I don’t know about this! ” he explained.

After his team looked at the vaccine mandate, Sears learned the venue is actually forcing attendees to show evidence of vaccination.

“ That presents many difficulties, ” he told their followers. “ First off, the performer wouldn’t be able to get into the show. I will not be vaccinated, nor will I subject myself to Covid tests which are against my will that is a nasal passageway rape. It might be quite physically violating. ”

“ There’s no way I could ask my fanbase in order to participate in a system of segregating society. I think it’s just a very tyrannical experience, plus destructive, ” Sears additional.

JP’s video has been seen nearly 250, 000 times in twenty four hours.

Meanwhile, liberal comedian and actor Patton Oswalt announced Thursday your dog is canceling multiple shows throughout Florida and Salt Lake City, Utah because venues wouldn’t comply with his demand that attendees be requested to show proof of vaccination or perhaps a negative Covid test.

Oswalt’s announcement movie, which has only been noticed 50, 000 times in past times week, revealed all four from the comedian’s Florida shows had been called off in addition to a Sodium Lake City event.

“ I have a good ego, but my ego is not big enough to believe that people should die to find out my stupid comedy. Therefore , hopefully, hopefully in the future we can rebook those when state of mind holds sway again, ” he sarcastically stated.

Tx Senator Ted Cruz laughed at Oswalt on Twitter, composing, “ Both of their fans were disappointed. ”

It’s time for patriots to support entertainers like JP Sears who promote freedom and to let those who side with medical tyranny perform intended for empty crowds.

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