March 30, 2023

Video: Rand Paul Calls For “Five Years In Jail” With regard to Fauci Lying To Congress

“He has definitely lied to the American public and should be held responsible but not just that. ”

Appearing on Hannity Wednesday night, Senator Rand Paul responded to the emergence of yet more proof that Anthony Fauci lied to Congress regarding the financing of coronavirus gain associated with function research, reminding audiences that the offence is a felony punishable by five years jail time.

“ I find that hard to believe that we still would have someone with such bad judgment, who believes that even a pandemic would be worth it, that this person is in charge of the investigation for our government, I find that astounding, ” Paul declared.

“ The particular judgment that we should always fund this lab and— that the virus in all likelihood originated from the lab. I think it could such incredibly poor common sense that he should be immediately eliminated, ” Paul added.

The Senator additional, “ We’ve referred this to the Department of Justice. I don’t think Biden’s Department of Justice will do everything with it but yes, it is extremely dangerous to have public authorities who we need to have trust in coming and lying to us, but [Fauci] has lied dozens of times. ”

Paul continued, “ Usually, he tells us that it’s for the own good but yes, he has dissembled, he has obfuscated— there’s other nicer words— but he has definitely humiliated to the American public and should be held responsible but not exactly that. ”


Adding to Paul’s comments, Senator Tom Cotton called for prosecution against Fauci “ to the fullest extent of the law. ”

Cotton urged “ You know, for 18 months, he’s been saddling up his moral high horse plus clucking his tongue in college kids who want to go celebrate a football sport in an outdoor stadium on the nice fall day or parents who don’t wish their kindergartners to have to decorate masks their entire lifestyles, telling you you have to wear 3 masks, when all together, he’s been lying, not only to Congress, but to the American people about his role in funding the very reckless, dangerous research in a Chinese Communist lab that unleashed this pandemic on the world. ”

“ It is a disgrace and it’s really time for Tony Fauci to be held accountable, ” Cotton added.


In the mean time, Fauci appeared on both MSNBC and CNN, with none network even bothering in order to ask a single question in regards to the new report detailing exactly how Fauci funded the Chinese research and then lied about this.

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