March 30, 2023

Wait, What? Did Biden Foreshadow Another Outbreak? “…When the NEW PANDEMIC Comes Again – AND IT WILL”

‘… I recently released important parts of pandemic preparedness plan so that America isn’t caught flatfooted when the new pandemic comes again – because it will. ‘

Joe Biden mumbled something along the lines of “ a new pandemic will come” during a speech issuing sweeping compulsory vaccine edicts Thursday.

In a creepily ominous foreshadowing of another pandemic, Biden said, “ As I lately released the key parts of our pandemic preparedness plan to ensure that America isn’t caught flat-footed when the new pandemic comes again, because it will , next month I ‘ m also going to release a plan in higher detail. ”

Take a listen.

Here it is again:

The remark came as Biden announced the draconian six-pronged plan to force-vaccinate over 100 million Us citizens by coercing federal employees and private companies with over 100 employees to inject Pfizer’s mRNA injection, or conduct routine Covid testing.

What exactly did Biden mean by this bizarre comment?

As we know, the globalists are enthusiastic about signaling to the public after that happen before it occurs.

Covid-19 celebrity Dr . Anthony Fauci, for example, famously “ predicted ” the current plandemic back in 2017 when he said, “ There is no issue that there will be a challenge to the coming administration in the area of infectious diseases, ” during a speech at Georgetown University on Feb. fourteen, 2017.

He added,   “ both chronic infectious diseases in the sense of already on-going disease … but also there will be a surprise outbreak , and I hope right at the end my relatively short display you will understand why history, the history of the last 32 yrs that I’ve been the director of the NAIAD, will tell the next administration that there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that they will be faced with the challenges that their predecessors had been faced with. ”

It’s apparent the globalists plan to continue their lockdown of the planet under a worldwide healthcare tyranny system until the people stand up and resist.

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