March 30, 2023

LA Times Runs Deceptive Picture Depicting Gubernatorial Candidate Lewis Elder Slapping Woman

Photo paired with headline managed to get appear as though LAPD investigating Elder for slapping a lady.

The La Times has been accused of running a deceitful photo alongside a topic concerning a recent attack upon Republican California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder.

In a Thursday article entitled, “ LAPD is checking out altercation involving Larry Elder at Venice homeless encampment, ” [ archived ] editors used an LA Times photo in which it looked like Elder is slapping a woman.

“ His party gubernatorial candidate Larry Older meets supporters during a tour in Venice on Wednesday, ” the image is captioned.

That caption, however , doesn’t appear on Twitter, where the photo paired using the headline made it appear as though LAPD was investigating Elder for slapping a woman – which never happened.

The perceived mass media dishonesty was immediately captured by many online, including the lady in the photo, Soledad Ursua.

Ursua explained the picture was taken just before the lady was about to hug Older.

Regarding 20 hours later after much outcry, the LA Times swapped its photograph out, albeit sans a good editor’s note, clarification, or any type of other explanation for the swap.

The photo utilized now shows the moments after the incident in which Elder was attacked.

Evidently the same photo was used being a main image in a different article, which attempted to downplay the attack many are talking about as a hate crime by saying Elder was merely met with a “ hostile reception. ”

The attack from violent leftists on Elder came Wednesday as he toured a homeless encampment in Los Angeles.

A woman wearing a pink-haired gorilla mask threw an ovum at him and other protesters hit a member of their group in the face multiple times.

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