California’s Top Grid Operator Requires Feds to Burn More Fossil Fuels to Avert Power shutdowns

‘Clean energy’ not producing sufficient power for Golden Condition

California’s power grid transition to renewable energy sources seems to be backfiring.

The push directly into clean energy is not producing enough power to meet requirement during hot summer times, and it’s becoming harder for the particular Golden State to  avoid rolling blackouts .

A stunning brand new revelation in the state’s best grid operator, California 3rd party System Operator,   filing   in order to US Department of Energy (DoE), titled  “ Request for Emergency Order Pursuant in order to Section 202(c) of the Federal government Power Act, ”   requested the federal government in order to declare an  “ electric powered reliability emergency”   so it can use more fossil gasoline power generation to prevent blackouts.  

“ An emergency order allows the CAISO to give additional generation that may be necessary for the CAISO to meet demand in the face of extremely challenging circumstances including extreme heat surf, multiple fires, high winds, and various grid problems, ”   the submitting read.

CAISO wants the DoE to suspend air-pollution guidelines so it can use natural gas turbines as “ back-up energy generation and freeing upward additional energy capacity to assist alleviate electric demand within the electricity grid. ”  

The ask for was filed on Wednesday ahead of CAISO’s statewide bend alert that urges customers to “ conserve electricity” in the evening due to hot weather. The grid operator warned, “ energy supply is limited at the moment. ”  

The state is struggling in order to balance its clean energy push, and the request to the DoE is a sore eyes for environmentalists who’ve already been on a crusade to ban fossil fuel generation in the grid. It’s also negative news for President Biden’s infrastructure spending that aims associated with “ achieving 100 percent carbon-free electricity by 2035. ”  

If the widespread blackouts that shocked Texas earlier this year due to a cool snap that  froze wind power generation resources   was a session for the future of green energy grids – then  maybe America is not ready   for Biden’s 2035 decarbonization target.  

… and why isn’t climate alarmist Greta Thunberg bashing California on Twitter for planning to burn more fossil fuels?  

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