Newsflash: We Are Americans, Not Far-Right Extremists

The establishment continues to portray patriots as extremists

It has eliminated on long enough… The particular left has increasingly top quality everyone in America that doesn’t accept their narrative with every bigoted title under the sun.

In particular, the left as they are comfortable calling themselves, have got thrown a wide net within the rest of America labeling them the dreaded far-right.

But at what point do those branded with the bigoted term of far-right start demanding their Civil Legal rights as society becomes slowly segregated based on the bigoted are located?

Many of us aren’t far-right at all.

In fact , the majority of the so-called far-right are merely frustrated Americans caught in the middle of a political system that is broken, corrupt, and reeling out of control with the power-mad deeming us the enemy for talking our minds on a whole host of topics plus angles with truth, encounter and reason.

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