Australia: Hundreds of Maskless Beachgoers Disregard COVID Karen Threatening Penalties

The people have experienced enough with these tyrannical control freaks.

Heartening video from New South Wales, Australia shows countless beachgoers enjoying the sun and carrying about their company while a government “ Karen” threatens fines over a bullhorn.

The video from North Bondi beach in Sydney displays a frustrated Waverley Authorities representative threatening fines designed for violating strict COVID guidelines while beachgoers ignore her pleas.

“ To everybody who’s lying down on the beach: please keep in mind you are in breach from the public health order or else wearing your mask, ” the Karen said over a loudspeaker.

People who live within 5 kms of Sydney’s beaches are allowed to attend a seaside provided they wear a mask and practice interpersonal distancing.

“ Please put your face mask on. Otherwise fines may apply. Also remember, social isolating is vital. We’re not from this mess yet, and if you are outside of the 5 kilometer LGA, again, you are in breach of the public health order, ” the woman said.

“ Thank you for complying. And thank you for helping all of us to keep the LGA safe, ” she added.

At that point, 7News Sydney panned to several police officers confronting and issuing fines to many beachgoers.

This comes amid Australia’s unprecedented and over-the-top restrictions of basic freedoms for people in the name of fighting COVID-19 spread.

Victoria Premier Dan Andrews warned unvaccinated individuals last week that they will be isolated through society till they take the COVID shot.

In the newest sign these restrictions have become clownishly punitive, law enforcement has even begun monitoring the uptake associated with alcoholic beverages through citizens under lockdowns.

It’s unclear just how monitoring alcohol intake minimizes the spread of COVID-19.

No wonder citizens are beginning to ignore the orders from these tyrants.

During a press conference, Aussie public health chief Dr . Kerry Chant remarked, “ We will be taking a look at what contact tracing appears to be in the New World Order . ”

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