March 30, 2023

Biden Booed, Heckled On Way To Campaign for Newsom — Flees on Different Path in Dead of Night time!

Puppet leader can’t go anywhere with out getting jeered by Us citizens angry over his vaccine mandates and botched Afghanistan withdrawal.

Joe Biden once again received a not-so-welcoming wedding reception on route to campaign to get embattled California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) in Lengthy Beach on Monday.

Hundreds of Trump supporters and disillusioned voters from Long Beach City College lined up along Biden’s motorcade route waving red flags that said “ Trump 2024, ” “ Trump Won”, and “ Fuck Biden. ”

Various other signs protesting his tyrannical vaccine mandate said “ Freedom Not Force, ” and “ Discrimination Is definitely Wrong. ”

The incident was this kind of optics disaster for Biden that his motorcade snuck away on a different route in the dead of night time to avoid the protesters following his speech with Newsom.

Biden aren’t seem to go anywhere without getting jeered.

NCAA football fans across the country have been uniting against Biden and his vaccine mandates, along with numerous video clips of entire stadiums full of people on different games chanting “ Fuck Later on Biden! ”

The puppet president was even heckled and booed during the 9/11 wedding ceremony at Ground Zero.


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