March 30, 2023

VIEW: Students Sign Petition to Abolish the U. T. Constitution

Students describe why they think the document is still relevant these days, or if should be scrapped and remade

With Metabolic rate Day on Friday,   Campus Reform   reporter Ophelie Jacobson talked with University associated with Florida students about the U. S. Constitution to see if they think the document is still relevant today, or in case should be scrapped and remade.  

Students told  Campus Reform   they think the Constitution is outdated and really should be revised.  

“ It has to become, ” one student stated. “ It was written within the late 1700’s, it wasn’t written for the 21st century. ”

“ There are a great number of outdated things in there that nowadays aren’t accepted, ” another iterated.

When Jacobson asked when students think the Metabolism is a symbol of the patriarchy, all of them  answered within the affirmative.

“ The time period was rich old white men and that’s precisely what that document says, and stands for and vouches to get, ” one student stated. ”   Another student said, “ they failed to have a perspective nor had been they seeking it. ”

Jacobson after that asked students if they would certainly sign a petition in order to abolish the current U. T. Constitution and create a new, apparently more inclusive document for the 21st century.  

Dozens of students signed the particular petition.

“ It should be abolished, ” one particular student said. “ It could time for a new Constitution. ”

One student claimed the Cosmetic is the root of America’s issues.   “ It’s one of them, you can also lead it back to capitalism, ” the college student added.  

Watch the full video above.

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