January 31, 2023

NYC’s Demand That Diplomats Follow Vaccine Mandate Creates Uproar At UN

The problem isn’t that diplomats not necessarily vaccinated. It’s that they’re vaccinated with jabs that have not been approved in the US.

Nyc City’s (legally questionable) requirement that all representatives and diplomats who attend next week’s UN General Assembly meeting show proof of vaccination is threatening to derail the particular annual summit of world leaders as Russia plus China protest the fact that their locally developed vaccines won’t be accepted.

NYC’s request that diplomats and their entourage display proof of vaccination before  being admitted somehow obtained the backing of Common Assembly President Maldivian International Minister Abdulla Shahid . In a statement released upon Wednesday, NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio and International Matters Commissioner Penny Abeywardena thanked UN diplomats ahead of time for “ working with us”, phoning them “ true New Yorkers”.

Unfortunately, not all diplomats are equally enthusiastic.   In a letter to co-workers released on Wednesday, Russian UN Ambassador Vasily Nebenzya denounced these new needs as  “ obviously discriminatory”   and accused NYC and Shahid of violating the UN charter, which states that this UN is international place.

In the face of Russia’s complaints, Mayor de Blasio doubled down: “ If the Russian ambassador is towards it, I’m for it. ”   So much for that spirit of international diplomacy.

Bear in mind, the biggest issue here just isn’t that diplomats aren’t vaccinated.   It might be that they’re vaccinated with jabs that haven’t been accepted in the US.

Sputnik V, a vaccine backed by Moscow and widely administered in Russia, does not have approval in the United States and is not on the Entire world Health Organization’s emergency use listing either.

To try and make everybody delighted, NY officials have promised to dole out free doses of the single-dose J& J jab by the EL Headquarters in Midtown. But it’s not approved in all associate states, either (though it has been approved by the WHO, even  as questions about dangerous side effects linger).

To Gran de Blasio, this amounts to a sufficient olive branch. “ If their vaccine actually good enough, then they should go and use one of the other vaccines. ”

With so many parties bristling at NYC’s attempt to exert sovereignty more than a piece of supranational territory, it looks like NYC’s demands likely won’t be met. A statement from a UN spokesman mentioned the UN has typically relied on an “ prize system” and that they were working with “ the sitting Leader of the A” to continue the particular honor system. Another spokesman said the letter from NYC authorities doesn’t specify any single vaccine for use, despite de Blasio’s responses about offering the JNJ jab.

You will also find the question of discrimination: only 2% of the nearly six billion jabs produced reach Africa.

With hundreds of world leaders getting ready to fly into New York City next week,   there’s a opportunity for ructions that could disrupt, or maybe even delay, the start of mount.

General Tag Milley, Chairman of the Mutual Chiefs of Staff, has been privately dealing with the Chinese Communist Celebration and even stated he’d warn them in the event that President Trump decided to launch an attack on the country!

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