San Antonio Democrats Triggered By Pro-choice Vaccine Billboards Advertising Informed Consent

‘Don’t Be Bullied. Make an Informed Choice, ‘ billboards tell motorists.

Democrat city leaders are flummoxed by billboards going up about San Antonio urging motorists not to be bullied directly into being vaccinated.

Billboards commissioned from the Minnesota-based Citizens’ Council regarding Health Freedom tell road users straightforward, “ Don’t Be Bullied. Make an Informed Choice. ”

The group explains on their website the campaign’s intent is “ increasing awareness and building resistance from the vaccination mandates that are currently being used as an effort to coerce Americans straight into submitting to the ‘ jab’. ”

The group has put up billboards in Minnesota, Idaho, Wisconsin and today Texas.

The innocuous message was met with hysteria by nearby politicians, who questioned individuals behind the sign.

Democrat San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg claimed the organization obviously has a “ political agenda. ”

“ I haven’t met anybody who said that. When they feel that way, I’d love to visit about that because exactly what you’re hearing in terms regarding people encouraging others to obtain vaccinated is to protect the healthiness of person and the people around them, ” Nirenberg said in a statement obtained simply by KVUE .

“ (It) certainly raises queries when an organization out of Minnesota has interest in buying San Antonio billboards. Clearly, they have got a political agenda. ”

Bexar County Precinct 2 Commissioner Justin Rodriguez, also a Democrat , claimed the organization behind the sign had been the real bullies.

“ We are, I think, singularly on a mission to defeat this pandemic, to defeat COVID. We know the way to accomplish that is to get vaccinated, ” Rodriguez said.

“ Our message to the bullies is sometimes you got to punch a bully hard, but at this point, the way to accomplish that by punching back is getting the vaccination. ”

Of course , the actual bullying is the coercion coming from the government government’s imposition of shot mandates via OSHA as well as the Labor Department, which is needing vaccines for all private field companies with over one hundred employees and all federal employees.

“ Lovato is taking place despite the fact that those who have gotten the shot continue to be getting sick, ” the business states. “ According to the  CDC , there have been well over 6, 700 deaths reported in order to VAERS after vaccination, as the independently-created OpenVAERS lists the amount of deaths at around 13, 608. ”

Earlier this week, pro-vax bullies were up in arms after pop singer Nicki Minaj recounted a vaccine horror story and encouraged her followers to make the best decision on the vaccine, saying , “ make sure you’re comfortable with your decision, not bullied. ”

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