March 30, 2023

Social Justice and the Emergence of Covid Tyranny

The Covid regime has extended and deepened the epistemic crisis inaugurated by postmodernism and practical postmodernism

Signs of incipient totalitarianism impulses have been evident since the rise of political correctness.

Yet, warnings from those who saw the character of contemporary “ social justice” went largely unheeded.

Nevertheless, even before degenerating into “ wokeness, ” social justice bore the seeds of civilizational decline and the simultaneous rise of social and political tyranny.

The weaponization of mostly feigned fragility by snowflake totalitarians has been marshaled to abrogate the rights of those deemed offensive, injurious, and even “ dangerous . ” It also has evinced “ paralogistic discourse, ” or “[d]iscourse that is out of touch with reality, involving illogical, fallacious, unwarranted premises and conclusions. ” 2   Such thinking is characteristic of societal hysteria. 3   This weaponization escalated, germinating “ cancel culture, ” the buds from which neo-Stalinist purges have since blossomed.

As I was first to point out, social justice amounts to “ practical postmodernism. ” 4   The relativism, subjectivism, and antiobjectivity of postmodern theory, plus the priority it places on language, have been harnessed by social justice activists and their followers and put to political ends. Social justice ideology claims that “ narratives, ” “ my truth, ” and language trump or produce reality. In terms of transgender ideology, this means that  declaring   one’s gender, or mere (re)naming, supersedes and cancels biology. With regards to critical race theory and the Black Lives Matter movement, it means that personal stories of oppression overwrite evidence, statistics, and the arc of history. Considering the fact that appeals to objective criteria are banished, when backed by the requisite power, such claims are necessarily authoritarian. Without objective criteria, there is absolutely no court of appeal other than power, and thus such “ truths” are deemed incontrovertible. 5   The  legal ramifications   of practical postmodernism have been nothing significantly less than astonishing.

The policies of so-called diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) accelerated the already predominant upward movement of unqualified persons, those who have achieved important positions thanks to affirmative action and adherence to political ideology. DEI (or DIE) metastasized throughout the culture in particular, with signs of the upward mobility of the unqualified seen in  government ,   academia , and the organization world. On Twitter, the accounts of unremarkable activists and otherwise unaccomplished leftists are granted the official blue checkmark of authority and significance.

Historically, the upward movement of the unqualified has been a harbinger of increasing authoritarianism; the unqualified favor authoritarianism, which protects their unearned status, and authoritarianism selects the unqualified, who become avid loyalists of the authoritarian regime. 6   Thus, the upward movement of the unqualified should be taken as a telltale sign.

The covid regime has extended and deepened the epistemic crisis inaugurated by postmodernism and practical postmodernism. Paralogistic discourse has now penetrated “ the science, ” which has devolved into a series of non sequiturs backed by force. Science has become postmodern, proving the claim of the sociologist of science Bruno Latour— in the postmodern world, scientific truth is merely socially constructed statements that become “ too costly” to overthrow. 7   Science is now a power gambit that relies on enrolling “ allies” in a process of “ black boxing” claims. Truth is merely “ black boxes” that become resistant to opening. Such resistance originates from the number and strength of other facts and allies— other scientists, businesspeople, the media, etc . — that the scientists can url to their own claims, making for black boxes that become too difficult to open. The strength of a fact is the consequence of the social network that is created in the process of staking a claim. 8

The covid regime is postmodern “ science in action, ” to quote Latour. It has never been about legitimate science or public health. Otherwise, known remedies for covid-19 and the dangers of the vaccines would never have been suppressed.

Wokeness set the stage for full-blown covid tyranny— the lockdowns, the masking, now the demonization of the unvaccinated and the institution of the vaccine passport. The weaponization of fragility by the snowflake totalitarians has been extended and amplified by the covid regime, which construes all who oppose it as “ domestic violent extremists . ” The unvaccinated are the new “ dangerous persons, ” reprobates who should be locked down, quarantined, and, according to some,   shot .

The woke and covid   are actually the same people, and the 2 concerns have converged at every turn. For example , the covid regime came to the defense of the Black Lives Matter movement when over  twelve hundred health officials signed an open letter   defending BLM protests, claiming that since, like covid, white supremacy poses an excellent danger to public health, BLM protests should keep on unmolested. As unwitting foot soldiers of Big Pharma and agents of hawaii, Antifa “ members” have  harassed and shot antivaccine protesters . Meanwhile, the American Civil Liberties Union, now fully  woke , has been  silent   about cancel culture and the civil liberties of nonleftists. Recently, the organization  argued   that “ far from compromising civil liberties, vaccine mandates actually  further   civil liberties” (emphasis in original). So much for the meaning of “ civil liberties” and the ACLU’s defense of  bodily autonomy . Like many corporations and trade associations, the National Football League is also  woke . The organization requires its players to be vaccinated or otherwise isolated and penalized. It  recently canceled   the national anthem performance of Grammy Award winner Victory Boyd for her refusal, on religious grounds, of covid vaccines, despite the fact that the singer would have been hundreds of yards from anyone on the field. The list of woke-covid connections could go on and on.

Covid totalitarianism involves the postmodern inversion of reality and morality. The vaccinated now need certainly to be  protected from the unvaccinated , despite the fact that vaccine was supposed to provide that protection. It is now “ moral” to demand that others take injections against their will and “ immoral” to resist such demands.

The covid regime involves practical postmodern science. “ The science” is long lasting authorities claim is true, and all other scientific inquiry is banned in advance. Those engaged in open scientific inquiry and debate are ridiculed and dismissed a priori, and their reputations destroyed.

Like the assembly of postmodern theorists, the covid regime is a convention of charlatans. Lord Fauci makes declarations ex cathedra, despite their contradiction of accepted epidemiological standards and his own earlier statements, as the medical establishment and the media go along for the ride.

The covid regime is a consensus of postmodern hysterics. The compliant observe superstitious rituals and direct their outrage at the unvaccinated instead of at the authorities in charge of their madness.

All of this adds up to the continual elimination of individual rights and the growing power of a delusional bureaucratic state.

Just a post-postmodern turn can bring about the overthrow of covid totalitarianism. The tide must turn against the practical postmodern consensus, leading to a reinstatement of the competent over the promotion of the unqualified, the reestablishment of legitimate science, a renewed regard for the value of truth, and the subsequent elimination of authoritarianism from the public sphere. Simply speaking, it will require the complete reconstruction of the social order.

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