March 30, 2023

Previous UK Prime Minister Tony a2z Blair Says ‘Nursery’ Age group Children Must Get the COVID Injection

Previous PM pushes jabs pertaining to 2-4 year old children despite fact scientific trial results not yet released.

Former Oughout. K Prime Minister Tony a2z Blair called for “ nursery” age children to get the COVID-19 injection against the recommendations of the government vaccine committee.

In a foreword for a report released in the Tony Blair Institute website on Sunday, Blair stated young children, especially those among 2 and 3 years previous, should take the shot because they are “ putting at-risk groups in danger. ”

“ To avoid being at the rear of the curve again upon vaccination groups, the government should take urgent steps to consider vaccinating kids under 12 as well . Evidence shows that young children, particularly those in nurseries, are transmitting the virus and putting at-risk groups in danger, ” Blair  claimed.

“ Careful consideration of information to make these decisions is essential and cannot be rushed. Therefore , it is important that the government now turns its attention to discovering whether vaccination can be extended to children under 12 in order to further reduce transmission in schools and among young children and at home. ”

The former Labour leader also lauded shot passports as the solution to prevent more government-imposed lockdowns.

“ A viable Covid Pass, displaying both fast testing and vaccine position, would mean that, even with higher case numbers, a person without any the virus would be free to maneuver around in public, ” Blair published.

“ This step, alongside further action on measures like mask-wearing, needs to be taken urgently to give businesses confidence that avoiding more lockdowns is more than an aspiration but is deliverable, ” he added.

This comes after UK Prime Minister Boris Manley went against the advice of his government’s Joint Committee on Vaccination  and Immunization (JCVI) and ordered kids over 12-years-old to take the injection — even without parental consent.

Blair and Johnson’s claims about children needing to get the jab aren’t based on technology.

A major study from Israel found not only are children in low risk for contracting COVID-19, they also don’t play a significant role in the distribute of the virus.

“ It appears that young children 0– 9 have shown not only with this study but observationally over the last year of the pandemic that this group has little related to spread of COVID, ”   said Theodore Strange, MARYLAND, interim chair of medicine at Staten Island University or college Hospital in New York.

The science has additionally found that teenage kids who took the experimental jab were 14x more likely to develop center inflammation as a result of the injection.

That helps explain why myocarditis cases within teen boys exploded across America shortly after the FDA fully approved Pfizer’s mRNA injection.

And though Pfizer claimed Monday its shot can be “ effective” in 5-11 year-old children, no data is yet available about its effectiveness in nursery age children under 5 years old.

Read the Tony Blair Institute’s “ Pandemic to Endemic” report:

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