View: It’s Time to Reclaim The Schools From Marxism

America’s training system needs to be revamped

Recently, at a Leander Texas School District meeting, mother and father railed against the Marxist dirt passing as literature for high school students.

In Ohio, Hudson Craig Shubert informed all five local college board members to step down during a board meeting or face charges over class material he described as “ child pornography. ”

When the School Table arrogantly continued to promote Marxist pedophilia indoctrination, they were served.

The Marxist indoctrination of America’s future can no longer be ignored.

Public and private schools can both be sued for a variety of violations, and if the battle is quietly being waged on developing minds across the nation, it is the duty of every United states to free our children from the intrusive brainwashing or we are going to reap the outcome before we all even realize it.

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