AOC, Omar Spread Fake News Claims That Border Patrol Is Whipping Migrants

More idiocy spread by Democrats in order to distract from hellish boundary crisis

Radical leftist Democrats Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar spent Monday night spreading fake claims that Border Patrol agents are whipping Haitian migrants.

The claim was produced after footage emerged of agents on horseback dealing with migrants on the Southern border.

Far-left business media outlets such as VICE   ran headlines like “ US Border Agents Are usually Removing Haitian Migrants Making use of Horses and Whips, ” and the claims were recurring on Twitter:

Eventually, ‘ Squad’ members AOC and Omar got in on the work:

And then, the White House chimed in, with serial question non-answerer Jen Psaki replying to frothing ‘ reporters’, “ I don’t think anyone seeing that footage would certainly think it was acceptable or appropriate, ” but acknowledging “ I don’t have the entire context. I can’t imagine exactly what context would make that appropriate. ”

How about the context of a full on invasion fuelled from your own administration?

Many, including the Boundary Patrol themselves, pointed out that the particular straps seen in the video are not really ‘ whips’, they are horse reigns and there is no evidence that they had been being used on migrants in any way. They are used to steer plus control horses:

The latest bogus controversy comes as Border Patrol is attempting to deal with record numbers of migrants at the edge in scenes resembling another world country:

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