August 19, 2022

WTH Is This? Tucker Carlson Shows ‘Satanism’ Powerpoint Slide Offered To Army To Promote Vaccination

“So here you might have the U. S. Army doing PR for Satanism. “

Host Tucker Carlson revealed a bizarre powerpoint slide that was presented in order to U. S. Army program members in an effort to get them aboard with mandatory COVID vaccines. The slide sardonically requires “ how many children were sacrificed to Satan for the vaccine? ” before declaring only three people have passed away from side effects, and then listing the ‘ tenets of Satanism’ taken straight from the ‘ temple of Satanism’ website..

The Army admitted which the slide was shown to services members, but that it was not approved by leadership, according to Carlson, who labeled the army vaccine mandate a “ takeover of the US army. ”

What the hell is this?

“ So here you have the particular U. S. Army doing PR for Satanism, ” Carlson noted, adding “ The rest of the presentation is less shocking but utterly substandard and dishonest. ”

He continued, “ For example , it falsely promises that only three individuals have died from taking the COVID vaccine. Reports collected by the Biden administration indicate the number of is actually in the thousands. ”

Carlson went on to note how even top notch Navy SEALS are being subject to mandates. He added “ To be clear, in case that you simply wondering if this is in response to some kind of crisis: We don’t think a single Navy SEAL has died of COVID. These are some of the healthiest people in the world, the Olympic athletes from the military. Many of them have had herpes and recovered, meaning they have more natural immunity than the vaccine could ever provide. ”

“ And yet, as  of tonight, we’re hearing that numerous Navy SEALs face becoming fired imminently for refusing to take the shot, ” Carlson further noted.

He continued, “ Keep in mind there are only about two, 500 active-duty Navy SEALs, each of whom costs a minimum of a half million dollars towards the U. S. government to train. Imagine the effect on our nation’s military readiness. It’s terrible. If you love the country, you would not do this. You would also not really disable our hospitals by forcing our nurses in order to resign because they don’t wish to take the shot. ”

As we have previously mentioned, there has been  substantial resistance   to vaccine mandates among military service members.

Carlson’s full monologue can be below:

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