March 24, 2023

Cardinal Sarah: ‘Western Society is usually Lost Because it Has Neglected How to be Silent’

“We are usually cut from God. “

Catholic Cardinal Robert Dorothy warns that Christianity is definitely on the decline and western society is “ lost” because people have ‘ forgotten how to be silent. ‘

Sarah’s comments were posted in order to Twitter by the Catholic Market account.

“ In our churches there is a lot of noise, so it’s not a location where you can encounter God silently, ” said Sarah, incorporating that “ silence makes man more similar to The almighty because God is quiet, he talks in silence. ”

The Cardinal went on to assert that the number of people holding the Christian faith in the west is falling because people spend too much time “ talking” and “ there is absolutely no silence. ”

“ Without God, with out silence, we are lost… western society seems to be lost because when we are cut from God, we are lost, ” said Sarah.

“ It’s like a tree without roots, it’s like a water without the fountains, God will be our fountains, if we are cut from God, we have been lost and God is silent, ” he additional.

Cardinal Sarah has not held back before in expressing what this individual believes to be the primary risks to Christianity in the west.

He previously warned that the “ west will disappear” as a result of mass immigration, adding that “ Islam will invade the world” and “ completely change culture, anthropology, and moral vision. ”

This view clashes with that of Pope Francis, that has repeatedly asserted that Christian countries should absorb numerous migrants from Islamic nations.

Sarah’s warnings about modernity are also prescient and unlike anything the Pope will ever dare say.

The particular Cardinal cautioned that “ western civilization is in the profound state of decadence and ruin” due to individuals obsession with materialism and that the situation is similar to right before the collapse of the Roman Empire.

“ The particular elites care for nothing but escalating the luxury of their daily life, and the people have been anaesthetized by every more vulgar entertainments, ” said Dorothy.

Given that Cardinal Sarah and Pope Francis represent polar opposites, is actually no surprise that the Pope had a role in removing Sarah from his position as head of the Vatican’s workplace for liturgy.

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