Toon Cringe: Family Guy Drops Covid Vaccine Propaganda PSA

Establishment using every device at its disposal to shill for Big Pharma

One of the top animated comedy shows in history, “ Family Guy, ” is certainly going all-in for the establishment after releasing a propaganda promotional pushing experimental mRNA Covid vaccines.

Released Tuesday, the “ Family Guy” PSA joined together in tandem with the Advertisement Council urges people to obtain vaccinated for the good from the masses.

In the clip, Stewie and Brian are carried inside Peter’s body where they explain to viewers how vaccines work.

In the first instance of BS, Stewie claims vaccinations eliminated smallpox and are well on their method to doing the same with polio.

However , even AP News confesses polio vaccines are responsible for more polio cases than the wild virus by itself.

Both polio and smallpox were on downward trends when the particular vaccines came out.

Stewie also explained just how mRNA spike proteins function, claiming, “ You don’t obtain sick with the vaccine, ” and that the vaccine “ drastically reduces the chances you’ll get sick. ”

“ The vaccine also results in the creation associated with memory cells that will fight the virus in years to come, ” Stewie alleges.

Once again, this is simply misleading at best and totally false at worst.

Many people who have taken the particular experimental vaccines have gone on to agreement Covid , and even with “ memory cells, ” the vaccines have been proven to end up being ineffective with fighting variants.

Stewie told audiences the vaccination has been given safely to “ vast amounts of people around the world, ” despite hundreds of thousands of individuals suffering side effects.

“ The common side-effects from the Covid vaccines are generally mild and last a few days, but you know what might have serious long-term side effects? Covid! ” the talking baby fearmongered.

Of course , the experimental jabs can and frequently do result in severe, long-lasting side effects, just ask any of these healthy young people!

Continuing, Stewie asserted obtaining vaccinated not only protects the individual, but also the people around all of them.

“ But even more importantly, ” Stewie added. “ If the virus is allowed to spread with an unvaccinated population, it could mutate into a variant that the vaccines might not protect against. ”

Once again spreading disinformation, the notion that the unvaccinated are usually creating variants is false.

Because seen in Mareck’s disease within chickens , when vaccines reduce symptoms but avoid prevent transmission, which is exactly what Covid vaccines do, the shots can become “ leaky” and in fact create more lethal variations .

The “ Family Guy” vaccine plug had been yet another brazen attempt at shaming the unvaccinated from the Hollywood elite.

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