March 30, 2023

Video clip: Woman Rips Down Subway Train Ads Promoting Communist Propaganda

Outraged woman fed up with commie indoctrination of young people does something about it.

Footage from a New York subway vehicle shows an outraged female tearing down ads marketing propaganda that she states could impact children negatively.

In the video circulating on social media, an Asian woman is stunned to see ads for internet dating app OkCupid promoting sex promiscuity and the LGBTQ motion displayed prominently in the subway car.

“ Gross, all this is major. I mean, for kids to be taking a look at this, is that ok? ” the woman asks people close to her after tearing down one sign.

“ No, it’s not, ” a woman filming agrees, an additional person adds, “ normalizing, ” and another states they’re “ desensitizing. ”

The woman then sets her sights upon ads on the other side of the subway car from the Old Navy blue clothing company promoting entire body equality.

“ It’s not about equality guys, it’s about communism, ” the woman tells other subway riders, adding that most Covid hospitalized patients are over weight.

“ These people coming for your children people, ” a man helping the girl tear down the signs says.

Here are some of the ads displayed in the subway car:

In responses to the video on Twitter, users also contributed other OkCupid ads promoting one-night stands and internet dating only people with left-leaning ideologies, with one ad proclaiming, “ It’s ok to select Mr. Right based on how much he leans left. ”

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