August 19, 2022

Brand new York’s New Gov Intends To Replace Unvaccinated Hospital Employees With ‘Foreigners’

“To those who won’t [vaccine], we’ll be changing people. And I have a strategy that’s going to be introduced very shortly… “

New York’s first female chief excutive Kathy Hochul, who got the reins in the Disposition State after her predecessor and former boss, Andrew Cuomo, finally resigned, is definitely showing the state’s recalcitrant healthcare workers just how understanding and progressive she could be.

Throughout a press briefing with reporters in Rochester Wednesday, Hochul told a group of reporters that  she hoped most unvaccinated workers would fulfill Monday’s deadline  to get the jab, or lose their jobs.

For those who continue to resist – including nearly twenty percent of the state’s hospital and nursing-home workers –   they will be replaced.   Possibly by international workers.

Faced with this, it seems sensible to wonder how NEW YORK State, which has no immigration-related specialist, could even credibly make such a threat? But Hochul says there have been conversations with the Division of State (albeit on a “ limited basis” ) about the possibility of doling out there emergency visas to foreign workers.

“ To those whom won’t, we’ll be replacing people. And I have a strategy that’s going to be announced really shortly, ”   she said.

“ We’ve identified numerous of opportunities we have to assist supplement them. ”

Hochul said state officials were “ functioning closely with various hospital systems to find out where we are able to get other individuals in the future in and supplement locations like nursing homes. ”

“ Jooxie is also reaching out to the Division of State to find out about visas for foreign workers, on a limited basis, to bring a lot more nurses over here, ”   she stated.

For each the Department of Health’s records, 19% of the california’s hospital workers remained unvaccinated as of Sept. 15, plus 18% of nursing house employees remained unvaccinated since Wednesday.

Starting Monday, employers can fireplace unvaccinated workers who have no a “ valid medical exemption” (though employees who have claim religious exemption are also immune until Oct. 12 due to a temporary injunction issued by a federal judge in Utica).

The particular plaintiffs in that case, almost all of them Catholic, oppose vaccines because they  “ utilize aborted fetus cell lines in their testing, development, or production. ”

Though the US Meeting of Bishops says that it is okay for Catholics to consider these vaccines if simply no alternatives are available, and Pope Francis has of course spoken out in favor of vaccination.

Circling back to the problem in New York, while Hochul is probably reveling in the girl first opportunity to play “ hardball” – a game that her predecessor was famous – New York health employees can probably rest easy – at least when it comes to the international worker threat.

The State Department couldn’t procedure all those SIVs for Afghan collaborators in a timely manner. What makes you think they’ll be able to dole all of them out to foreign workers, who have probably also haven’t been vaccinated.   Where does Hochul believe these foreign workers are going to come from? Europe?

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