SMASHING: Trump Issues Damning ‘Letter To Greg Abbott’ Phoning Out Texas Governor Meant for Ignoring Election Integrity Combat

President Trump demands Abbott take a indicate election integrity

Moments ago, 45th Chief executive Donald Trump issued a letter to establishment Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, featuring his lack of interest with regards to the nationwide fight for political election integrity and demanding that – as the top His party in the state – this individual take an active role in advancing legislation to make polls more secure in the state exactly where voter fraud allegations run rampant.

“ Dear Governor Abbott, ” President Trump began, “ Despite my big earn in Texas, I listen to Texans want an election audit! You know your fellow Texans have big questions about the November 2020 Selection. Bills to audit polls in your great state’s Home and Senate were considered during Texas’ Second Particular Session. Instead, the legislature passed a watered-down modification that doesn’t even apply to the particular 2020 Presidential Election. This particular short amendment doesn’t answer the questions Texans have got about the last election. Texans demand a real audit to fully address their concerns. ”

President Trump added, “ We need HB 16, which was just submitted in the Third Special Session. This legislation specifically addresses the 2020 Presidential Political election, and enables audits intended for future elections. The bill creates a process for candidates and party chairs to initiate an audit, plus uses the same language because SB 97, which already passed the Texas Condition Senate, but did not have sufficient time to make it through the House during the Second Special Session. ”

Business Republicans in Texas initially reclaimed that the 2021 legal session was the “ most conservative in history” in spite of ignoring or failing to advance legislation on virtually every traditional issue supported by the His party base. Abbott remained quiet on election integrity, the particular gender mutilation of children, plus border integrity. After receiving push back from the Republican bottom, Abbott called a second special session. Now, Abbott provides called a third special session, though some still say it is not enough.

“ Texas needs you to definitely act now, ” wrote Leader Trump. “ Your 3rd Special Session is the perfect, and maybe last, opportunity to complete this audit bill. Period is running out. Papers ballots in your state are only kept for 22 a few months after the election. Your citizens don’t trust the election system, and they want your own leadership on this issue, that is the number one thing they value. It is their most important issue— one that will affect 2022 and 2024. ”

The 45th Leader added, “ Governor Abbott, we need a “ Forensic Audit of the 2020 Election” added to the call. We’re quickly running out of time and yes it must be done this week. Texans understand voting fraud occurred in some of their counties. Let’s arrive at the bottom of the 2020 Presidential Election Scam! ”

President Trump previously endorsed the establishment Republican governor despite a crowded main full of America First applicants who oppose him which includes Chad Prather, Don Huffines, and Allen West.

National File Mature Reporter Patrick Howley been instrumental in exposing exactly what many have declared to be a world-class voter fraud procedure happening in Harris Region, Texas, the seat of Houston, one of the nation’s largest city.

Last year, the county instituted  24/7 drive thru voting , even as the FBI began investigating reports of political election irregularity in the county. Nursing homes also received mail-in ballots in large numbers, despite video that appears to show  ballot harvesters targeting seniors in nursing homes   and forcing them to vote for Democrat candidates below duress. Last month, regardless of pressure from his own party, a black Democrat operative  blew the whistle   on what he identified as massive voter scams within the county.

Abbott has remained totally silent on these issues.

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