March 25, 2023

Biden Says 98% of Americans Must Get COVID Injection To Get “Back To Normal”

“One thing’s for sure, a quarter of the country cannot go unvaccinated and us not continue to have a problem, ” says puppet president.

Joe Biden claimed while receiving a COVID booster shot Monday that regarding 98% of the American people should receive the COVID shot for life to get “ back to normal. ”

A reporter inquired Biden as he was unrolling his sleeve, “ How many Americans need to be vaccinated before getting back to normal? ”

A masked Biden responded: “ Well, I believe, look — I think we get the vast majority like what’s happening in some industries and some institutions 97, 98 percent. I think we’ll get awful close up. ”

“ Plus, uh, but I’m not the scientist, I think — but one thing’s without a doubt, a quarter of the country can’t go unvaccinated and all of us not continue to have a problem, ” he added.

So much for “ herd immunity. ”

Biden’s statement is ludicrous on its face, since the injections haven’t been approved for children under 12 years old , who make up about 47 million Americans.

Additionally , some Americans may inevitably be unable to take the shot due to pre-existing medical conditions that will warrant a doctor-approved permission.

The fact is, Biden doesn’t care about the technology.

Otherwise, he’d talk more about natural defenses and other Covid treatment options like hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, Regeneron, and vitamin D and zinc, and even exercise and healthful dietary practices.

And the only way to achieve an almost 100% figure is if the corporate sector works hand in glove with the federal government — corporate fascism instituting medical tyranny.

Krisanne Hall joins guest host Kate Dalley to break down your rights regarding Biden’s unconstitutional injection requirement .

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